Whole-meal-Bread Bakeries
Licensed and authorized by Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer, to bake
whole-meal products according to his original recipes and methods
Some of the wholemeal baking products according to the original recipes of Dr. J. G. Schnitzer

Tasty, hearty, healthy, full of  natural forces from  freshly ground cereals -
original recipes of  Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer, developed by his
findings about the natural sources of health.

On the following pages hopefully you will find soon bakeries and producers of such whole-meal breads and products. Because your health and nutrition would be their main concern why they have taken action. Select the next page to find the bakery nearest to you. If there isn't one close by, then ask one of these for their mail order service. If you have knowledge of interested bakeries in your area, let us know and  information will be sent immediately to them. E-mail address to inform us: <Dr.Schnitzer@t-online.de>, or fax +49-(0)7541-398561.
This option for bakeries and bread factories hasn't been used yet, despite published here for a considerable time (since 1998). A conclusion for yourself could be - because you sure are concerned about your own health and nutrition - to bake your own whole-meal bread. The great advantage of doing this:  You would really know what your bread is made of. (An old Chinese proverb says: "Only God knows, how the next war ends, and what's inside the bread"). A basic whole-meal bread recipe you find in the book "Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition, Schnitzer Normal Nutrition" <https://www.dr-schnitzer.de/sin002.htm>.
In case of sufficient demand, I could also translate my German book "Whole-meal-Baking" with several healthy and tasty whole-meal baking recipes (see products on the image above) into English. Therefore, if you would be interested in this book in English, please send me an e-mail.
Friedrichshafen, Germany, 2004    Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer

P.S. Meanwhile, this baking book is available in English: "Whole Grain Baking". Friedrichshafen 2007, Dr. J. G. Sch.

© Copyright 1998-2007 (complete Site) by Dr. J. G. Schnitzer, D-88045 Friedrichshafen, Germany
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