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Obesity (Overweight):

The Schnitzer Report

Whoever is having a Problem ...
    Whoever is having a problem not easy to solve, should look around. He will find others in similar situations, professional explanations of the problem, and recommendations to solve it.
    But - before he starts or repeats to follow up those advices - he should look, how many could solve the problem, and how many others couldn't. If there are too many still having it - something must be wrong. In any case he must forget about the usual recommendations. If they would be effective, the problem would be solved. The only chance are other, unusual, innovative methods, which were not yet tried.
    Perhaps it's already wrong to fight the problem itself. Fighting negative things doesn't automatically produce something positive. Even fighting all diseases doesn't automatically leave over health; sometimes even the patient herself or himself isn't left over, because not surviving all fights and their "side-effects".
    Even, by such "problem-fighting", people who suffer from overweight are pushed into an "area of tolerable conflict" (according to Robert Fritz "The Path of least Resistence") between overweight and hunger. Once, they are worried about too much body weight, and start to reduce fat and total calories intake as recommended. Weight starts to reduce. But hunger increases - until hunger becomes the main problem. One day the person can't anymore control and eats, until hunger and appetite are satisfied. But now overweight is growing again ... The conflict itself never will be solved in this way.
    However, there is an other, unusual, innovative way: To concentrate on natural Health - and re-establish it's natural preconditions. Where is one strong natural health, hundreds of diseases, degenerations, civilization ailments and complaints, including over- or underweight, don't have anymore chances.
    Natural health's precondition in general is a natural environment, at least an ecologically balanced biotope. But we don't need therefore to return to prehistoric natural man's life in the forest or savanna. Analyzing, which of all environmental impacts on man is the most powerful, we find: It is nutrition! By no other way comparable amounts of substances are entering our organism. Food is assimilated environment. Metabolism is converting these environmental substances into living structures and energy supply of organism.
    Quality of results - means energy supply, vigor and quality of living structures of our organism, in other words health or ailments, life or premature death - depend:
      1. on metabolism's genetically fixed type and program,
      2. on food supply, it's type and quality, and
      3. on that both match.
Man's genetically fixed type and program is a frugivore's one. Most of nowadays' food supply is wrong in type and additionally low in quality. Means, both don't match at all. That's why people are prone to communicable diseases (e.g. cold, influenza, other virus infections) and suffering from chronic civilization ailments like obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes type 2 and later consequences of type 1 and 2, kidney and liver dysfunctions, rheumatism, arthritis, gout and nutrition-caused (=90 % of all cases of) cancer - and are mentally unbalanced, unsocial and aggressive.
It would be the hard way, if we would try now to change our genetic program of metabolism, with low chances, perhaps to tolerate a bit better the very wrong type and low quality of nowadays food. The probability would be much higher to end up in a program crash and disaster.
The intelligent and easy way is, to make both matching by using food types and qualities for which our metabolism type and program is genetically fixed: Man's origin nutrition, using today' available appropriate foodstuffs for a "Civilized Origin Nutrition". (How to do this practically, you will find in the booklet "Natural Cure of Obesity by Health").
In truth, this way is not even new, only forgotten. Since hundreds of thousands of years mankind was practising it, and so did former historic civilizations like old Egypt, Rome, China, India, Africa etc.. In general, all of them were healthy populations with nearly no chronic-degenerative diseases and no tooth decay. Shouldn't we have at least their level of intelligence?
In fact, already thousands of people tried this way again: it works! It is health, re-created by a "Civilized Origin Nutrition, which makes disappearing diseases and e.g. normalizing weight; reducing to normal, if overweight, increasing to normal, if underweight. Not to mention the new physical and mental vitality ...

Reports of People who could win back Health - and normal Body Weight

A German TV-Team - Dieter Menninger & Gottfried Gülicher - contacted me (the author of this "Health Secrets Service") in 1973, knowing about my efforts to improve health of population. They were planning a TV-Report "Who cures, is right", asking questions like: Who is able to give children with low autochthonus defense a high auto-immunity? Is it possible to stop dental caries? Who reaches permanent healing in cases of hypertension, insufficiency of the heart, liver dysfunctions, arteriosclerosis, chronic stomach ailments, constipation, diseases of the urogenital complex? How to loose overweight in healthy way? Is it possible to influence multiple sclerosis? The TV-Report was broadcasted by First German TV-Program on February 20th, 1974.
To collect information for this TV-Report, we developed the idea to ask those about 8000 families, following already at that time (1973/74) more or less my advices of a healthy nutrition, according to "Civilized Origin Nutrition" I had developed from prehistoric origin nutrition of man.
Because facing as a fact, that man's adaptation to denaturated civilization foodstuffs and feeding habits failed (consequences: Degeneration and civilization ailments), I supposed, that still man's original genetic food program is working, and re-adapted foodstuffs and feeding habits to it. With overwhelming results!
4702 persons answered filling out  the questionnaire, which was developed and analyzed by support of a German demographic institute. 3300 of them gave additional remarks about personal experiences and findings collected after having changed to this healthy nutrition. Even myself I was surprised and impressed. Never I had expected such a high general regenerating and curing power in this simple natural food composition! As a result I can say, that at least 90 % of all chronic complaints, diseases, degeneration ailments must be caused by usual denaturated and not man-appropriate foodstuffs and feeding habits, and most of them - even some called "incurable", heal up simply by returning to food and feeding habits according to our genetic program, which is still the old original one!
The complete results of this investigation were published in 10.000 copies as a book in 1974: "The Schnitzer-Report" (548 pages). The book itself is out-of-print.
To give you an imagination of the enormous impact of natural, man-appropriate food on health - and how it also, but not only, normalizes body weight - I selected those personal remarks from this report, which are mentioning body weight.
All information in detail, how to normalize body weight by normalizing health itself, how to change nutrition to satisfy your appetite fully at same time, you find in my booklet: "Natural Cure of Obesity by Health".
Reading these following remarks, will give you an imagination of an enormous impact of natural, man-appropriate food on health in general and on normal body weight in special.
Friedrichshafen, Germany, 2004
Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer
Personal Remarks, Experiences and Findings
(selected by the topic "body weight" from the "Schnitzer-Report")
      "Regulation of weight." (Mr. E. J. in B./Germany, No. 0025).
      "Hemorrhoids fading away; obstinate 'athlete's foot' (dermatophyte infection) nearly completely eased off. I'm eating only twice a day, sometimes in the evening very little bread or fruit. No more going hungry; body weight constant; bad breath abating down." (Mr. H. F. in L./Germany, No. 0040).
      "Loss of weight." (Miss E. M. in Bad S./Germany, No. 0057).
      "My digestion is optimal; relatively fast and especially without any renunciation or other restrictions I reached normal body weight. E.g. winter or in general wet and cold climate I'm tolerating essentially more easy than two years ago." (Mr. E. H. in O./Germany, No. 0068).
      "Slow, good-doing loss of weight without privation, 5 kg. Healing of an old face-skin-disease. No more sensation of fullness or heartburn." (Mr. G. St. in I./Germany, No. 0098).
      "Significant catharsis, 5 kg loss of weight without going hungry. Fading away of pains from articular (joints) rheumatism." (Mrs. U. St. in I./Germany, No. 0099).
      "Me: No more 'fat-cushions' and no beer-paunch anymore, good and persisting physical and mental fitness! My parodontosis stopped 100 %! Children: Excellent physical and mental development of 2nd child (16 months), which from beginning, already during pregnancy, got healthy nutrition, compared to first child (5 years)." (Mr. B. S. in H./Germany, No. 0123).
      "Reduction of my body weight from 148 to 124 pounds, which I'm able to maintain permanently; improvement of my finger nails. Change of my children, 14, 16, 18 years, nearly impossible; eventually of my 4 years old daughter, but also difficult because of advertisings, kindergarden and other co-educators." (Mrs. L. E. Z. in D./Germany, No. 0170).
      "Not anymore this voracious hunger and huge appetite like with common food." (Mrs. W. P. in Rh./Germany, No. 0175).
      "We can eat until satisfied, without loosing our normal weight; as well our 11 months old son. Infections, nobody nowadays is safe from, are conquered very fast.." (Mrs. H. Sch. in B./Germany, No. 0186).
      "Not anymore indigestions, some loss of weight (having overweight), better state of mind." (Mrs. M. E. in S./Germany, No. 0206).
      "Without going hungry, relevant reduction of overweight from 103 to 90 kg. Chronic winter-bronchitis cured." (Mr. Th. W. in G./Germany, No. 0257).
      "Better total constitution, less susceptible for diseases, better mental performance, body weight regulated, no more dental caries." (Mr. H. F. in E./Germany, No. 0296).
      "Better general health constitution, less prone to diseases , less sensitive for rinsing agents etc.; body weight became regulated." (Mrs. Ch. F. in E./Germany, No. 0297).
      "That greediness for sweeties, which was often there before, nearly never anymore occurs. That I can eat until I'm full, without gaining weight." (Mrs. I. H. in D., No. 0298).
      "Constant body weight, no depressions, more zest for work and love and life." (Mrs. F. Sch. in H./Germany, No. 0303).
      "Ill foster-children (2 with glandular and hormonal diseases and overweight, 10 and 12 years), recovered completely their health." (Mrs. E. St. in W./Germany, Nr. 0355).
      "Reduction of weight from 71 kg to 62 kg without going hungry. Clear skin." (Mr. K. L. in Sch./Germany, No. 0357).
      "After freshly ground cereal breakfast there is no more hunger for the rest of the day. Within 4 years I lost 20 kg of overweight without going hungry." (Dr. R. L. in D., Germany, No. 0367). 
      "Constant body weight. High value of hunger appeasement. No desire for luxury food. Feeling of physical strength. Better sleeping. Children: No bed-wetting." (Mrs. I. St. in G., Germany, No. 0396).
      "Two times per year repeating sciatica (each time confining me to bed for 6 weeks) is no more existing. - Regulation of body weight from 89/90 kg to constant 64-66 kg. ." (Mr. H. L. in B./Germany, No. 0419).
      "Ideal body weight reached, body height 166 cm, from 90 kg to 57 kg! From ready-made clothes size No. 50 to No. 38. Good success with pupils. 'Muesli' enjoys great popularity." (Mrs. E. H. in M./Germany, No. 0437).
      "10 years lasting stomach ailments cleared away. Ideal body weight reached (from 90 to 67 kg). The more young the kids, the more unproblematic the change. My wife relieved from obesity." (Mr. H. H. in M./Germany, No. 0438).
      "Some time after having changed nutrition I had lost eleven kilos, since then feeling essentially more active and physically fit." (Mr. R. P. in G./Austria, No. 0463).
      "1. Constant well-being. 2. Without needing to control appetite, I became and continued to remain slim. 3. When I'm forded to eat out, it makes me really feeling sick. Vacation became a problem." (Mr. H. K. in N./Germany, No. 0547).
      "Nearly complete children's renunciation of sweeties is possible, so far influence of 'dear' neighbors doesn't exist. 2. Loss of weight with constant well-being. Our answers perhaps are not representative, because of the short time since change and already 'reasonable' feeding habits before." (Mr. C. G. in H./Germany, No. 0558).
      "First signs of a paunch vanished. Beginning private and professional laziness reduced." (Mr. G. N. in P./Germany, No. 0595).
      "We feel to be more fresh and more vigorous. A nearly pathological meagerness of mine an my children became replaced by a healthy, vigorous appearance of complete body." (Mrs. R. n. in P./Germany, No. 0596).
      "Regulation of weight (loss of) at complete satiation. During childhood communicable jaundice. Since change of nutrition remarkable improvement of liver tests, which are going on to improve without medicaments." (Mr. R. P. in T./Germany, No. 0681).
      "Although I'm eating less than before and became very slim, my energy multiplied. Instead of 8-9 hours sleeping I need only yet 6 hours. By nutrition without meet, there is no more body odor to remark." (Mr. M. S. in H./Germany, No. 0683).
      "Loss of weight, less need to sleep, better eyes, gradually improving circulation, so since one year high-performance sports possible, mentally balanced." (Mr. E. S. in E./Germany, No. 0687).
      "In the first place I lost about 8 kg of weight, at about same level of trim." (Mrs. K. O. in G./Germany, No. 0704).
      "Fading away of dental caries, healthy, red gums, regulated digestion, without medicaments, no overweight." (Mr. R. B. in Sp./Germany, No. 0719).
      "In spite of my predisposition to overweight I maintained my normal weight." (Mrs. I. F. in S./Germany, No. 0727).
      "I reached my ideal body weight and I'm maintaining it without difficulties." (Mr. E. B. in W./Germany, No. 0730).
      "A positive regulation of my body weight. Not anymore chronic constipation. More rarely headache and neck-ache." (Mrs. M. B. in W./Germany, No. 0731).
      "Active movement of the bowels, regulation of body weight, no more prone to cold." (Mr. E. L. in M./Germany, No. 0732).
      "In spite of sitting profession work and unfavorable predisposition - good control of weight! Natural foodstuff nutrition - I'm seeing it like that - makes an economic metabolism, is activating creative power and prevents consuming advertised luxury food." (Dr. H. Sch. in Sch./Germany, No. 0733).
      "1. Loss of weight. 2. More love of life. 3. More systematically thinking. Because the meals are very diversified, my husband and me are looking forward to each new day. I can only recommend it ." (Mrs. I. K. in H./Germany, No. 0743).
      "More slim and elastic, became in general more fresh and happy.." (Mrs. H. G. in H./Germany, No. 0750).
      "This nutrition makes you reaching automatically a weight appropriate by nature to height of body. By this a better performance is developing than ever before. More resistance to all types of diseases. No more troubled sleep. Important to leave off also alcohol and tobacco. Additionally I'm eating 1 spoon of pollen each evening and drinking a cup of milk." (Mr. G. S. in M./Germany, No. 0753).
      "Loss of weight." (Mr. O. B. in F./Germany, No. 0762).
      "This healthy nutrition (especially the 'muesli') lasts out longer, and weight doesn't increase, in spite of eating until foll." (Mrs. D. K. in W./Germany, No. 0833).
      "Loss of weight. Excellent digestion. No complaints." (Mrs. H. E. in H./Germany, No. 0861).
      "Loss of weight without going hungry." (Dr. H. W. in P./Germany, No. 0875).
      "Lasting 14-pounds-reduction, lasting disappearing of skin blemishes, less irritable, children more lively and more open-minded." (Mrs. U. K. in M./Germany, No. 0906).
      "In complete family (7 persons) no more constipation. 4 obese ones lost weight; 2 having an extreme sweet tooth, after 5 days were no more interested in sweeties. 2 with underweight gained some weight." (Mrs. K. G. in F./Germany, No. 0921).
      "Unfortunately still very often flatulence and slightly too slim movement of the bowels. Reduced to 110 pounds (taken with cloths) from 132 Pounds (height 172 cm). Feeling considerably well, but it is ugly for a woman." (Mrs. A. E. in H./Germany, No. 0923).
      Remarks of the Editor: Such flatulence can develop, if persons prone to it are mixing still some denaturated foodstuff into their otherwise healthy nutrition. One piece of cake e.g. (refined flour, industrial sugar, hardened hydrogenated fat), taken on Sunday, can make such trouble up to Wednesday!
      "1. After one year, whilst only my husband and me were eating 'muesli' (from freshly ground cereals), also the children started to eat it. Now, when I once forget to grind cereals, they say: 'Without 'muesli' but I don't become well-fed, I need 'muesli'. 2. I was always too much slim and gained weight. Remarkably to my mother the opposite process took place. 3. Children are no more feeling desire for sweeties. The small one is saying about friends: 'Those still are eating candies.'  He is taking this for a stage of childlike naive ignorance. I never forbade it, only explained factually." (Mrs. H. S. in G./Germany, No. 0929).
      "Considerable loss of weight, 20 pounds underweight, only salad and rasped carrots well tolerated, whole-meal only boiled tolerable, because of colitis." (Dr. R. M. in N./Germany, No. 0940).
      Remarks of the editor: An ill intestine sometimes cannot assimilate healthy food. In such a case it can be useful to take for some time (between 3 days and 3 weeks) only, exclusively, a soup made from freshly ground cereals - preferably from germinable naked oats - as a curing diet for intestine, and as beverage only to drink pure water. This will allow in most cases inflammations and ulcers of intestine to heal up. After that slowly one meal after the other can be replaced by natural, undenaturated, man-appropriate food ("Civilized Origin Nutrition").
      "No more anemia; was 10 years treated in vain by 10 different medical doctors (2 of them medical professors) by medicaments. No more constipation, normalizing of body weight, less need to sleep, after meals no more tired, more performance, pleasure to eat, clear skin. Children: Constipation (only each 3rd day having a bowel movement), which pediatricians diagnosed to be heredity, cured from one day to the next (having a movement 3 times per day)." (Mrs. H. Sch. in S./Germany, No. 0990).
      "No more rheumatism; before, in spite of ray-treatment and medicaments, not cured. No fatigue after meal, more efficient in service, facilitated stop of smoking, normalization of weight, enjoying to eat, clear skin, cease of 'nervous stomach'." (Mr. J. Sch. in S./Germany, No. 0991).
      "Body weight going back to normal weight." (Mr. R. E. in R./Germany, No. 1002).
      "Body weight normalized (from 47 to 53 kg). Lack of appetite changed into real enjoyment to eat. More love of life, creativity. Influenza and cold possible by infection at school (I'm teacher)." (Mrs. H. B. in H./Germany, No. 1048).
      "Do not need anymore glasses for theater and TV; delivery of my son was completely without any problem. My husband always sais 'muesli-boy'. Movement thanks to muesli and salad excellent. Weight went down by 10 pounds to 130 pounds." (Mrs. B. D. in V./Germany, No. 1051).
      "Me: Regulation of movement, maintenance of weight, break of smoking." (Mr. K. G. in A./Germany, No. 1080).
      "Very well regulated and good movement of the bowels, no gain of weight, normal body weight." (Mrs. A. G. in A./Germany, No. 1081).
      "Me as well as my 21 years old daughter and my 75 years old mother optimal regulated digestion. All reached normal body weight." (Mrs. Dr. E. R. in W./Germany, No. 1091).
      "I should get operated at age of about 50 years: Irritation of appendix, defects of liver cells, damaged intervertebral discs,, overweight. Incidentally I red article of Dr. B. My stations: fasting according to Dr. Bircher-Benner, Waerland, Kollath, Dr. Bruker, Dr. Schnitzer." (Mrs. I. Sp. in B./Germany, No. 1099).
      "Since I started my healthy nutrition in the year 1973, up to now (1974) I lost 15 pounds of body weight (without food restriction) and by that reached my optimal weight." (Mr. J. Z. in Bad P./Germany, No. 1144).
      "Since I started my healthy nutrition in the year 1973, up to now (1974) I lost 6 pounds of body weight (without food restriction) and by that reached my optimal weight." (Mrs. H. Z. in Bad P./Germany, No. 1145).
      "Without going hungry I lost my overweight." (Mrs. M. S. in B./Germany, No. 1163).
      "Skin is looking more fresh, body stays tightened and looking young. My daughter clearly is more vigorous at school than other children. She is mastering work-rate easy without boning up on it." (Mrs. I. F. in B./Germany, No. 1181).
      "Appetite for cake and other dainties is as well as no more existing. My body weight got regulated." (Mrs. M. L. in Q/Germany, No. 1191).
      "Gastritis, constipation and hemorrhoids vanished by itself, whilst dental caries only stopped, after I recognized also dangerousness of honey and dried fruits. My body weight found it's own level at my twenties-weight of 64 kg (reduced 10 kg within 4 years). Loss and maintaining of weight, I believe, not possible without this nutrition, because out of taking meat and sugar-products already soon violent hunger-pangs are growing." (Mr. H. W. in B./Germany, No. 1197).
      "Weight reduction within 3 years of 20 kg (from 92 to 72 kg) without going hungry. - For years repeating biliary colics (cholecystalgia) vanished completely.  - Rheumatism of joints of shoulder and knee  got cured completely. With my 60 years I'm feeling more young and more vigorous than at 40. Only one regret: Why did it not occur to me more early?" (Mrs. C. S. in I./Germany, No. 1267).
      "Constant weight, more gentleness than 'common' meat-eaters are having (what's but very much all right with me)." (Mrs. G. Sp. in H./Germany, No. 1313).
      "Better, younger and more fresh appearance. Slim, slender and vigorous." (Mrs. I. V. in D./Germany, No. 1394).
      "Better, younger and more fresh appearance. Slim, slender and vigorous, at increased potency." (Mr. I. V. in D./Germany, No. 1395).
      "Son, now 7 years old, before change of nutrition was growing by leaps and bounds. Daughter, now 3 1/2 years, is showing harmonious development. Acceleration in both children no more to diagnose. My body weight I reduced by 28 pounds to my ideal weight. This remains constant; it doesn't anymore need control." (Mr. W. G. in W./Germany, No 1419).
      "Complaints from sciatica rapidly abating after change of nutrition, presently no more afflicted with. Favorable loss of weight achieved." (Mrs. E. B. in H./Germany, No. 1442). 
      "The paunch is replaced by love of life." (Mr. S. St. B. in R./Switzerland, No. 1523).
      "Signs of a paunch vanished. No more so prone to cold and influenza." (Mr. A. H. in B./Germany, No. 1542).
      "The results came only thoroughly after years, I'm more resistant, more healthy and above all much more mentally balanced." (Mr. M. Sch. in St./Germany, No. 1546).
      "More slim you become only by eating less but natural food." (Mr. A. T. in K./Germany, No. 1618).
      "Reaching ideal weight, height 178 cm, weight 71 kg, before 84 kg." (Mr. H.-G. E. in R./Germany, No. 1619).
      "No more overweight, going for sports since 3 years (cross-country run, swimming, canoeing). 1973 first time sports badge (at 44 years age). Positive way of looking at life." (Mr. R. H. in K./Germany, No. 1666).
      "20 pounds loss of weight, now constant weight (114 pounds at height 1,68 m). Since change of nutrition no more pyelitis. Before change, during 20 years nearly each year once pyelitis." (Mrs. U. H. in K., No. 1667).
      "Since 18th year of my life continuously I got medicaments to heighten my blood pressure; in addition I was suffering from overweight and constipation. Now blood pressure and body weight became normalized; constipation I don't know anymore." (Mrs. H. D. in A./Germany, No. 1725).
      "Serious dental caries, caused by nutrition poor in fresh foodstuffs (mariner), stopped completely. Constipation cleared away. 30 kg loss of weight (from 93 to 63 kg). Nutrition mainly according to Are Waerland. Children became more resistant. They like the simple food." (Mr. W. D. in H./Germany, No. 1748).
      Remarks of the editor: A. Waerland's nutrition is a step on the way to more natural nutrition, but still too much denaturated by cooking too much. Once his widow explained to the editor, that W. himself also was recommending a more raw diet, giving the more cooked type only to approach it. But most of followers and e.g. boarding houses serving it got stuck there, no more knowing his original idea, and that only undenaturated food can maintain health permanently.
      "Declining of high cholesterol level. Normalizing of blood pressure, which was since years high; daily movement of the bowels (in average 2 x), loss of weight to normal and maintaining normal weight." (Mrs. E. W. in H./Germany, No. 1787).
      "Better function of metabolism glands, drainage, more easiness and cheerfulness. In addition more tasty." (Mrs. I. K. in Bad W./Germany, No. 1788).
      "We are feeling better, and I became more slim. My eldest daughter's beginning obesity is no more to be seen." (Mrs. B. K. in Sch./Germany, No. 1808).
      Before I had to take twice a breakfast in the morning, now one breakfast is sufficient up to 13.00 o'clock. Generally I'm needing now much less quantities." (Mrs. H. F. in H./Germany, No. 1831).
      "I can eat to my heart's content, without gaining weight. - White bread and rye-bread are tasteless. Movement normal (regulated), and no flatulence." (Mrs. A. R. in W., No. 1832).
      "I lost 15 pounds of weight, which I lead back to the healthy nutrition. From 83 kg to 75 kg. Now I'm maintaining my weight and am well." (Mr. E. F. in B./Germany, No. 1861).
      "Me: Loss of weight from 80 kg to 75-76 kg and maintaining this weight. Before change of nutrition attacks of migraine each 2-3 weeks; after change no attacks anymore." (Mr. H. S. in L./Germany, No. 1865).
      "I became more free and firm in my decisions. Children want to stay slim. I'm tremendously grateful to Dr. B." (Mrs. E. M. in Bad W./Germany, No. 1916).
      "In the beginning of my change of nutrition I lost, within a quarter of a year, nearly 30 pounds of weight and I'm feeling very young, healthy and vigorous. Unfortunately it is not always easy to carry out this nutrition, it needs to apply very much energy." (Mrs. F. P. in M./Germany, No. 1956).
      "I'm having better appetite without gaining weight." (Mr. W. B. in A./Germany, No. 1976).
      "Myself: Reduction of overweight, stabilized emotional balance, better 'nerves'. Children: Excellent appetite, no obesity; before youngest child was nearly monthly having infection with fever, now completely free from fever. (I'm children's hospital nurse)." (Mrs. E. St. in O./Germany, No. 1993).
      "Varicosis complaints and constipation vanished. I became slim, without going hungry, and I'm able to maintain my weight. Often I'm estimated 10 years younger (than I am)." (Mrs. H. G. in E./Germany, No. 2007).
      "Better appearance, grey hair grows again by dark color, rough hair became curly again, less loss of hair, no more pustules on the lips." (Mrs. J. R.-S. in A./Germany, No. 2041).
      "In spite of avoiding the business-connected 'mass-food-supply', less quantities at better appetite and remarkable reduction of body weight." (Mr. R. A. in F./Germany, No. 2053).
      "Fast and lasting regulation of body weight from 99 kg to 75 kg." (Mr. H. O. in D./Germany, No. 2096).
      "1- I reached a fast and lasting regulation of body weight to my normal weight (from 49 kg to 43,5 kg). 2. My daughter's permanently very swollen tonsils and frequent anginas reduced nearly completely." (Mrs. M. O. in D./Germany, No. 2097).
      "Loss of weight at higher fitness, less need of food. Rise of an aversion to tobacco, so smoking stopped completely." (Dr. E. K. in D./Germany, No. 2100).
      "Desired loss of weight!" (Mrs. B. M. in St./Germany, No. 2155).
      "Before 1966 I was suffering during 10 years from gout and constipation. 1966 change according to Waerland. 1967 heart attack. Gout attacks soon stopped, constipation only when taking linseed diet. Loss of weight from 110 kg to 85 kg. Formerly high blood pressure, now low one, 75/130, and slow pulse rate during evening and night." (Mr. G. Sch. in W./Germany, No. 2183).
      "I lost some weight and am able to maintain it like that without effort." (Mrs. B. K. in B./Germany, No. 2191).
      "In spite of good appetite slim shape and always cheerful. 17 years old daughter physically more vigorous, mentally more active. Eldest daughter with 3 children much more healthy and resistant." (Mrs. H. B. in K./Germany, No. 2204).
      "I was having 6 kg of  overweight, which I lost within one year without going hungry." (Mr. J. H. in L./Germany, No. 2211).
      "We are eating good and copious, especially me, but the body weight remains the same." (Mr. H. Sch. in K./Germany, No. 2230).
      "The body weight went to normal and remains holding there." (Mr. M. M. in D./Germany, No. 2255).
      "Loss of overweight (vegetarian nutrition), more vigorous, more elastic. Regulated healthy digestion. Loss of excessive hunger-pangs." (Mrs. W. F. in D./Germany, No. 2306).
      "No more overweight, more vigorous, good digestion, good feeling of appeasement." (Mr. W. F. in D./Germany, No. 2307).
      "Remaining slim, good memory, clear mind, no more headache, better humor." (Mrs. K. P. in B./Germany, No. 2310).
      "No gain of weight. Fast and simple preparation of nearly daily lunch: two potatoes, carrots, red beets, some onion, some oil - my lunch since three years!" (Mr. W. K. in F./Germany, No. 2337).
      "My big loss of weight and my now good state of health I owe exclusively to this healthy nutrition rich in vital substances. I was suffering much from gout. Since radical change to healthy nutrition I don't need anymore injections; also I'm no more taking medicaments." (Mr. K.-H. Z. in B./Germany, No. 2338).
      "2 years after change of nutrition 20 kg loss of weight, reaching bodyweight of young days (56 kg); another 5 years constant at simultaneous physical and sporting activities (gardening). Very vigorous." (Mrs. G. H. in B./Germany, No. 2404).
      "Yes, I want to contribute this: About 4 years ago, when I started to change nutrition, I was having cloth size 48, now 42 without pills or slimming cure. Children still now nearly can't believe it." (Mrs. T. B. in A./Germany, No. 2415).
      "During 1rst year loss of body weight from 70 kg to 62 kg. Height 166 cm." (Dr. T. Q. in U./Germany, No. 2457).
      "We don't gain weight and are in good health." (Mr. J. J. in H./Germany, No. 2468).
      "Constant weight, more vigorous." (Mr. J. J. in H./Germany, No. 2469).
      "That during first half of year I lost 5 1/2 kg of weight, but feeling well, now eating some more meat and chocolate. In June I got out of wheat, so approaching autumn I was feeling miserable." (Mrs. M. V. in A./Germany, No. 2511).
      Remarks of the editor: Desires for meat and sweet are typical symptoms for lack of vital substances (here: wheat ran out). After returning to healthy nutrition, these desires will vanish.
      "With this healthy nutrition you remain slim and don't need to worry about obesity. Our children, my husband and me keep normal body weight." (Mrs. H. R. in H./Germany, No. 2515).
      "I lost 10 kg of weight, am very well and - my skin and hair being now especially beautiful - in addition I'm having a lot of new growth of hair on my head. But when once I can't reject an invitation or eat in restaurant and take coffee, cake or white bread, I'm feeling miserable after. Want to tell you also, that my daughter M. F. in L. is taking same healthy nutrition. She is 22 years old and since then no more sick." (Mrs. J. W. in St./Germany, No. 2546).
      "1. After radical slimming cure remaining at normal weight. 2. Functions of intestine again completely normal. 3. No abnormal hunger-pangs with full stomach like before." (Dr. U. K. in S./Germany, No. 2570).
      "Both my sons with 11 years practically don't have dental caries. By this healthy nutrition the cushions of fat removed. The family is only rarely sick." (Mrs. H. W. in D./Germany, No. 2588).
      "Children: Healthy teeth, rarely sick. Myself: Considerable loss of weight (reaching ideal weight). Complaints when sitting on hard unbolstered seats (chairs etc.)." (Dr. W. in D./Germany, No. 2589).
      Remarks of the editor: Some exercises recommended, to replace the lost fat cushions by increased muscles.
      "Less prone to diseases. Course of diseases more light. Easy to maintain normal weight. No constipation." (Mrs. R. H. in K./Germany, No. 2592).
      "Reduction of weight of 10 kg within 4 weeks to ideal weight according to Dr. B. Considerable increase of physical vigorousness in sports. Well-balanced mood, compared to before." (Mr. K. K. in D./Germany, No. 2599).
      "No more constipation. Exhaustion  more rare. No more loss of weight, after I reduced during last years from 70 to 55 kg." (Mrs. L. H. in H./Germany, No. 2665).
      "1. Advanced parodontosis stopped completely after total change of nutrition (Waerland). 2. Good health. 3. Hair better. 4.  With two meals per day compared to before no more hunger-pangs and in spite of this a good appetite and additionally normal weight etc.." (Mr. O. W. in B./Germany, No. 2669).
      "Tighter muscles, loss of weight, hair more beautiful." (Mrs. A. Sch. in B./Germany, No. 2702).
      "By your healthy nutrition, which I'm eating thanks to your literature and tools (grinder with milling stones, grater for vegetables), I became more vigorous, free from any complaints, and lost my overweight." (Mr. H. E. in Sch./Germany, No. 2736).
      "Within these two years I lost about 10 kg, being more well with this weight and, since change of nutrition, I'm able to work better, to concentrate better, and generally I'm feeling physically and mentally more fresh and younger." (Mr. J. J. R. in K./Germany, No. 2763).
      "Overweight is prevented. The children are convinced about the better nutrition and are avoiding white flour. A serious virus infection of my husband with following liver damage 7 years ago only got cured by this healthy nutrition." (Mr. M. Sp. in N./Germany, No. 2802).
      "Arising diseases already are conquered in the initial stage. Less damages of teeth. Body weight constant." (Mrs. M. Sp. in N./Germany, No. 2803).
      "We are slim and healthy. - Compared to other women of my age I'm double vigorous.." (Mrs. F. K. in A./Germany, No. 2813).
      "That my home-made whole-meal bread is having better taste and that by this complete change I lost 10 kg of weight. Now normal weight." (Mrs. F. N. in M./Germany, No. 2817).
      "Digestion put back in order, body weight normalized, general weakness cured." (Mrs. H. E. in O./Germany, No. 2850).
      "Underweight improved to normal weight within a short time. One tonsil still is paining, but without suppuration." (Mrs. V. K. in L./Germany, No. 2857).
      Remarks of the editor: In such case leave off milk and milk products, which often cause lymphatic congestions and troubles.
      "Feeling very well. Weight is regulating by it self, means, no more overweight." (Mr. E. H. in M./Germany, No. 2862).
      "Since renunciation of products from white flour and reduction of industrial sugar to very low quantities I'm considerably more slim, at same time more vigorous, more cheerful, more optimistic, more mentally balanced." (Mrs. H. F. in K./Germany, No. 2900).
      "Long lasting diarrhea of the children at age of 1 and 2 years, which long time were treated medically in vain, at last got cured by wheat whole-meal soup and wheat whole-meal bread. Just as well as purulent tonsillitis, which occurred several times. Antibiotics were rejected by the child obstinately. - Beginning varicose veins completely cured. No more problems with overweight." (Mrs. H. Sch., No. 2924).
      "Children: Good, slow development; no obesity; not too much fast, forced development; no diseases, except fever (fevers different in length and height); no dental caries." (Mrs. I. E. in W./Germany, No. 2939).
      "The child was before also healthy, no change found. Today my weight is about 4-5 kg less than before." (Mr. W. Sch. in B./Germany, No. 2945).
      "Odor of mouth and body disappeared completely, as well as chafing. Children are having permanently hunger, are eating all the time, without becoming fat." (Mr. K. D. G. in H./Germany, No. 3000).
      "About 10 kg loss of weight, reaching normal weight of 60 kg at body height of 162 cm. Heart trouble (excessive vehement beating of the heart, pains of heart and irritations up to left elbow) disappeared completely. Compared to before I'm nowadays going for sports without problems (endurance run 5-10 km, swimming, skiing, mountaineering, climbing). I'm feeling incomparable much more healthy! I wish you in your good fight for healthy nutrition much patience and success." (Mr. P. J. in Z./Switzerland, No. 3009).
      "Since (change of nutrition) I'm holding my normal weight without trouble and I'm feeling very well. My body condition nothing leaves to wish remaining." (Mrs. M. P. in Z./Switzerland, No. 3010).
      "Lost nearly 20 kg, by that normal weight nearly reached." (Dr. F. W. A. in M./Germany, No. 3081).
      "Very good bowel movement, only unfortunately flatulence. In general good well-being and no difficulties to maintain ideal body weight." (Mrs. G. Z. in K./Germany, No. 3100).
      Remarks of the Editor: Such flatulence can develop, if persons prone to it are mixing still some denaturated foodstuffs into their otherwise healthy nutrition. One piece of cake e.g. (refined flour, industrial sugar, hardened hydrogenated fat), taken on Sunday, can make such trouble up to Wednesday!
      "Considerable loss of weight, and since then I became more vigorous." (Mrs. T. J. in S./Germany, No. 3129).
      "Loss of weight!" (Mr. O. B. in Pf./Germany, No. 3164).
      "Since change of nutrition I lost about 5 kg, feeling much more well and vigorous." (Mrs. A. B. in H./Germany, No. 3173).
      "Consumption of pills for diabetes reduced to half. Complaints from hemorrhoids reduced. Ulcer of lower leg didn't burst open again. Body weight reduced to normal body weight." (Mr. A. R. in R./Germany, No. 3200).
      "Headaches disappeared; I can very well regulate and maintain my body weight. Our child (now 2 1/2 years) never became fat, in spite of copious healthy nutrition." (Mrs. S. Q. in G./Germany, No. 3250).
      "Very good reduction of body weight. New pleasure to eat." (Mr. H. J. Q. in G./Germany, No. 3251).
      "My three children are mentally balanced, slim and vigorous in physique and intellectually very active. Their temperament is outstanding." (Mrs. C. M. in K./Germany, No. 3264).
      "Thanks to your great nutrition system we left off sugar and salt (one matchbox full sufficient for 2 months). Abruptly my 10 years lasting stomach and intestine troubles stood out. For sweetening (honey unfortunately not tolerated) we take bananas, raw, as 'jam' raisins and apricots, soaked in water and smashed. With fresh butter (every other fat not tolerated) weight is maintained or increased (if necessary). With yeast nerves are appeased, with germs of wheat vitality gets increased." (Mr. H. S. in R./Germany, No. 3275).
      Remarks of the editor: Healthy nutrition works already without some of these extra measures perfectly. Easily even such measures can produce disadvantages. In details: Honey and dried (less, if soaked in water) fruits can cause dental caries. B-vitamins, optimizing functions of nerves, are in even better composition in wheat, oats and other germinable cereals and seeds, than in yeast. To leave off industrial sugar completely is very helpful and avoids a lot of troubles. But moderate use of salt (sea-salt with all trace elements of oceans) doesn't bring disadvantages and makes partially food more tasty. Highest vitality and vigorousness doesn't come from a part of grains (germs); it comes from complete natural composition of complete seeds and cereals, and from complete composition of a natural, undenaturated, man-appropriate "Civilized Origin Nutrition". 
      "Body more vigorous. Body remains elastic and vital. No gain of weight! Constipation, like before chronic, I don't know anymore." (Mr. H. Sch. in Th./Switzerland, No. 3285).
      "This healthy nutrition, rich in vital substances, tastes delicious. I'm more elastic (physically and mentally) and became more slim. A chronic eczeme only seldom yet is flaring up." (Mrs. H. B. in R./Germany, No. 3309).
      Remarks of the editor: In cases of eczema and allergies always teeth should be checked for amalgam fillings. Traces of mercury released from amalgam can be a cause. Mercury is a very active allergen. Once organism is sensibilised, allergic reactions can extend to other substances. Also amalgam fillings, because mercury is accumulating in the organism (brain, bones, liver, kidney, even in the embryo if mother is having amalgam fillings) can cause chronic amalgam intoxication. Amalgam fillings in any case should be replaced by biocompatible materials. 
      "Because of quality of our foodstuffs (which mostly we purchase from health food store or directly from organically cultivating farmer) we manage with much less and are well with it - and nearby don't have any problems with our figure." (Mrs. M. L. in R./Germany, No. 3313).
      "Shortly after change of nutrition my children still children were often sick (in form of short, intensive fever), then no more at all. - My (5 years) daughter's bones which lead to the hip-joints, were too much oblique, and inside left joint there was a crackling sound. Both is, according to orthopedic doctor, completely cured. - My goiter disappeared immediately. Rolls of fat in my waist vanished immediately ... etc.." (Mrs. B. O. in B./Germany, No. 3354).
      "After a rapid loss of weight since change to healthy nutrition my body weight normalized. My husband and children are slim and healthy and are having each of them excellent dentitions." (Mrs. M. M. in W./Germany, No. 3384).
      "Me: Loss of weight and higher vitality. Recently we participated in a folks walking-tour of 30 km, in which even our 5 years old son took part without any sings of fatigue! (With usual food impossible)!" (Mr. W. Th. in M./Germany, No. 3403).
      "Me loss of weight. Children intellectually very active, very high power of concentration." (Mrs. L. Th. in M./Germany, No. 3404).
      "It's more easy to meintain normal weight!." (Mr. A. H. in Z./Germany, No. 3413).
      "As children we got whole-meal pap. By this I was having a completely robust health. But already at 17 I was eating civilization food. Now, 2 years ago, I was having a hip-joint-operation. I recovered marvelously from it, means, I can walk again, work in the garden, in short, I'm completely without troubles. But I shouldn't gain weight, not to overload the joint. By this healthy nutrition I'm maintaining my weight, means, I'm yet loosing slightly, in spite of I'm a very great eater." (Mr. M. D. in N./Germany, No. 3414).
      "1. Decrease of allergic skin reactions. 2. Without limiting food, normal weight reached. 3. Less signs of fatigue." (Mrs. B. H. in M./Germany, No. 3449).
      "Good evacuation of the bowels. No fatigue. Normal weight, slightly underweight. Sugar finally I could leave off since 2 months." (Mrs. W. H. in M./Germany, No. 3454).
      "My troubles from rheumatism and inter-vertebral disks nearly never again appeared. Additionally I became more slim." (Mr. M. H. in M./Germany, No. 3457).
      "Since then no more overweight!." (Mrs. E. Sch. in E./Germany, No. 3497).
      "Since change (of nutrition) one year ago we feel more love of life and more pleased. Body weight is normalizing by itself." (Mr. M. H. in P./Germany, No. 3514).
      "Constant normal weight, less prone to cold." (Mr. B. H. in B./Germany, No. 3516).
      "Relevant loss of weight after change of nutrition. Since then, food which is sweetened by industrial sugar is found to be too much sweet, and rejected. - Surprising thrive of our daughter, who before had  no appetite and was weakly." (Mrs. R. E. in O./Germany, No. 3553).
      "Nearly no more digestion troubles, body weight stays constant. Daily movement of the bowels." (Mr. E. S. in A./Germany, No. 3557).
      "I lost weight, being essentially better." (Mr. K. F. in W./Germany, No. 3587).
      "My long-standing bilious complaint and indigestions improved essentially. Being a very slim person, I'm enjoying to have gained some weight!" (Mrs. L. M. in U./Germany, No.3608).
      "Normal body weight is easily maintained." (Mr. L. F. in St./Germany, No. 3632).
      "Nearly no colds, diseases not at all, keeps slim." (Mrs. K. F. in St./Germany, No. 3633).
      "Wonderfully regulated movement of the bowels. Children never overeating by whole-meal bread. They're no more vomiting after meal (like often before). Gain of weight of a child which was very thin before (legs and arms like sticks). Loss of weight of a before edematous, nearly obese child." (Mrs. I. R. in N./Germany, No. 3664).
      "I lost 3-4 kg of weight, but don't feel weak with it." (Mr. J. G. in A./Germany, No. 3669).
      "Food, rich in vital substances, is more substantial and more filling." (Mrs. A. R. in Sch./Germany, No. 3702).
      "With less food I'm more well-fed than before. This nutrition is not more expensive than before." (Mrs. M. E. in F./Germany, No. 3707).
      "After one meal of healthy nutrition you can stand a long time without going hungry." (Mr. B. E. in F./Germany, No. 3708).
      "Fading away of a long years lasting gastritis and further digestive troubles; reached again normal weight (before overweight). Cardiovascular performance and memory improved, by this at last getting free from continuous visits at the physician, because in general more healthy. Unfortunately my theory finds low attention of my colleagues, because most of them can't get free from conventional way of life." (Mr. H. L. in V./Germany, No. 3764).
      "a) Increase of vitality and vigor. b) Feeling not to be overfed, even when eating a lot. c) Reaching normal weight by itself, which didn't succeed before. d) More pleasure to eat, because everything is more fresh and more tasty." (M. J. K. in D./Germany, No. 3782).
      "Children are more slim, agile and tenacious." (Mr. F. and Mrs. H. E. in H./Germany, No. 3836/37).
      "Good general well-being, slight reduction of overweight." (Mrs. H. N. in P./Germany, No. 3846).
      "Never again constipation, loss of weight." (Mrs. M. M. in :/Germany, No. 3856).
      "After serious disease and death of my husband I gained about 10 kg weight, and my high blood pressure normalized, because since then I changed my nutrition." (Mrs. B. Th. in H./Germany, No. 3861).
      "Chronic indigestion cleared away within one week, loss of weight, more vigorous." (Mr. J. L. in M./Austria, No. 3868).
      "General increase of fitness, less prone to communicable diseases, easier to maintain ideal body weight,  more love of life and mental balance." (Mr. K. N. in I./Austria, No. 3889).
      "Special efficacy of the 'muesli' against overweight and constipation. Less craving for sweeties." (Mrs. V. F. in St./Switzerland, No. 3964).
      "No overweight, good color of the face, no tooth troubles. Son, 9 years, completely healthy dentition." (Mrs. M. K. in B./Germany, No. 3976).
      "Essentially more energetic, less weight troubles." (Mr. M. F. in Sch./Austria, No. 3993).
      "Healthy nourished children instinctively reject over-sweetened food. That very erudite professors of medicine couldn't liberate me from obesity persecuting me since childhood, and only health principles represented by your working group gave me well-being and love of life and a normal weight." (Mrs. A. R. in T./Sweden, No. 4045).
      "I became slim, looking rejuvenated and I'm being more well and more vigorous." (Mrs. E. W. in Bad H./Germany, No. 4096).
      "We are eating more slowly and are chewing better, never again 'thick' (=sensation of fullness) after meal. Very much satisfied by natural nutrition. Tasting much better. More fun in kitchen. More pleasure in life. Weight constant." (Mrs. I. H.-H. E. in E./Netherlands, No. 4102).
      "Overweight lost. Weight remains constant. Having very good feeling of life with this nutrition." (Mr. J. H. in E./Nehterlands, No. 4103).
      "1. Became more slim and better appearance. 2. Sensation of fullness and heartburn after meal disappeared. 3. Nearly no more feeling of thirst. Remarkably good digestion. 5. More sensibility to stimulants like tee, coffee, alcohol and to denaturated foodstuffs. 6. People inquire the way how our family is making all having such good appearance and never being sick." (Mrs. I. G. in L./Austria, No. 4111).
      "Much better appearance! Chronic constipation disappeared! Remain now slim! Grandchild, now 2 1/2 years, very healthy." (Mrs. E. K. in O./Germany, No. 4125).
      "Before my weight was 166 pounds, now since 2 years it is 134 pounds. Movement of the bowels is very good and regular. I'm able to tolerate stress better, and I'm more productive. In addition, since change I didn't need to miss not one day  because of sickness  ." (Mr. J. M. M. in H./Netherlands, No. 4131).
      "Less depressive. Before change of nutrition body weight 114 pounds, now constantly 92 pounds. Better able to concentrate on work." (Mrs. C. G. M. M.-Sch. in H./Netherlands, No. 4132).
      "I reduced my weight. My eternal throat-ache I got off thanks to the book 'No more Cold'. Mostly being very well, in spite of being through a hard lot ." (Mrs. D. G. in R./Germany, No. 4141).
      "Regulation of weight. Desire for eating is reducing, normalizing." (Mrs. M. W. in D./Germany, No. 4147).
      "By change of nutrition and periodically visiting sauna I'm being more well, and I'm also maintaining my weight." (Mr. B. K. in T./Germany, No. 4180).
      "Body weight reduced. Desire for meat very diminished. No wish for sweeties (children). Visual acuity improved (spectacle-wearer), especially in the night." (Mr. O. Sch. in M., No. 4185).
      "Within 3 months 16 pounds loss of weight; constipation completely cleared away. Nearly no demand for meat. Children don't eat anymore sweeties." (Mrs. I. Sch. in M./Germany, No. 4186).
      "No more tooth troubles, physical strength having more staying power, body weight regulated, more love of life." (Mr. M. H. in R./Germany, No. 4206).
      "Normal weight, reserves of efficiency, emotionally balanced, satisfied." (Mr. E. K. in A./Germany, No. 4240).
      "Slow loss of weight, essentially better general well-being." (Mr. E. Pf. in E./Germany, No. 4261).
      "Dental caries and parodontal problems we don't know. Food rich in vital substances increases resistance and performance. It prevents also from obesity and overweight. Level of uric acid could become improved. Better health by healthy nutrition nobody can deny." (Mr. A. G. in H./Germany, No. 4262).
      "Loss of weight. Vitality increased. 3 times per day I can eat my fill, without changing my weight. Cholesterol and blood-sugar-level reduced." (Mr. H. R. in F./Germany, No. 4287).
      "a) no more ravenous hunger for sweeties, when I don't neglect protein supply by milk products. b) more fast full. c) normal body weight reached." (Mr. B. R. in Z./Germany, No. 4348).
      Remarks of the editor: Best protein supply - according to origin human nutrition - comes from vegetable foodstuffs, amino-acids of which get combined to high value protein supply, without danger of oversupply (and it's dangerous consequences). On this way (by using only vegetable foodstuffs),  supply of brain with "half-essential" glutamic acid is about 40 % better than by a mixed (animal and vegetarian) food. This is having an important impact on functioning and performance of brain.
           It was French protein expert Frédéric Stahl, wh proved this and reported e.g. in his book "Earth is having Protein for All" (1973). His comment in this book: "What this means" (better brain supply with glutamic acid by plant-based nutrition), Japanese are already proving evidence, and Chinese are going to prove".
           Milk only as mother's breast-milk belongs to human origin nutrition, and even this only during baby-time.
      "Vigorous, slim figure of the children. Well-being and vitality in spite of loss of old overweight." (Mr. H. F. in E./Germany, No. 4439).
      "Supposed because of - according to nowadays knowledge - wrong nutrition during my childhood and youth I'm having strong tendency for obesity and constipation. Only by change of nutrition, direction healthy nutrition rich in vital substances, I lost 12 years ago about 10 kg and can maintain my weight around 68 kg (height 172 cm). My blood pressure is normal, in spite of father, mother, sister were having hypertension." (Dr. E. U. in M./Germany, No. 4441).
      "Became much more slim. Medicaments, which I needed for heart and circulation of blood, became unnecessary." (Mrs. H. B. in L./Germany, No. 4496).
      "Since change 21 kg loss of weight without going hungry, less prone to diseases, became more sporting, very vigorous. Peculiarly also an 'athlete's foot' (dermatophyte infection), which I had for 35 years, vanished without medicaments." (Mr, H. B. in G./Germany, No. 4499).
      "Removal of over-nutrition. Falling away of infectious disease. Condition of body more vigorous than before. Constipations disappeared. Parodontosis stopped and is treated by Dr. K. I'm feeling more fresh and vigorous than before change (of nutrition)." (Mr. M. Sch. in H./Germany, No. 4526).
      "No gain of weight." (Mrs. D. B. in B./Austria, No. 4590).
      "I'm having 1,83 m height and 74 kg. Since healthy nutrition I'm holding this weight, without taking care in any way for it." (Dr. H. B. in B./Austria, No. 4591).
      "Periodically, mostly twice a year coming influenza is staying fully away. Much more resistant. Loss of weight (not intended, but welcome), without going hungry. Children thrive greatly." (Mr. K. B. in N./Germany, No. 4594).
      "Children: Admirable appetite; if not provoked nearly never desire for sweeties; continue even eating whilst fever; even if this is very high, normal movement of the bowels. Me: No more unwished gain of weight, at same quantity of food than before." (Mrs. G. St. in K./Germany, No. 4617).
      "Immediately regulated movement. Reduction of weight to normal weight." (Mrs. U. R. in S./Germany, No. 4660).
      "Reduction of my weight without going hungry (before 10 kg overweight) to normal weight." (Mr. R. R. in S./Germany).
All details about this healthy "Civilized origin Nutrition" you will find in a booklet of the editor, title 
Natural Cure of Obesity by Health.
Friedrichshafen, Germany, 2004      Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer
Copyright 1998-2013 (complete Site) by Dr. J. G. Schnitzer, D-88045 Friedrichshafen, Germany
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