Overweight, obesity:

Slim without going hungry

by Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer


Overweight, corpulence, obesity - risk factors for a lot of other diseases

     Overweight increases risks of other illnesses from hypertension, lipid disorders, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, respiratory problems, and certain cancers. It's a disease everyone can see from far off. In USA it reaches 55% of total population.

The common explanation, and what's usually recommended

     The common explanation in short terms: "People eat more than needed, that's why they become fat". Based on this conclusion, certain recommendations are given to the population and the patients: "To engage in physical activity and to reduce dietary fat and total calories intake".

Why it doesn't help much

     It doesn't work, because it forces the patient into an "Area of Tolerable Conflict" (acc. to Robert Fritz in "The Path of Least Resistance): (1) Feeling bad because of growing overweight, the patient decides to reduce fat and calories; some overweight goes ... but hunger grows. (2) Feeling bad because of hunger, the patient decides to forget about overweight and filling the stomach until satisfied. Overweight grows again. Back to verse 1 of the never-ending canon: (1) Feeling bad because of growing overweight, ... 

Appetite works like a goldminer

     Appetite as an important life-maintaining function "knows" exactly at each moment of life, if the body needs something, which substances and complexes it needs, and which quantities of each it needs. The optimal food of each such moment would be one containing all substances and complexes needed at this moment - each of them in the right quantities.
     In many of today's processed foodstuffs several of such essential "vital substances" are reduced or not there at all. But the needs and it's red warning light - hunger - are there. Criteria for appetite and hunger are the lowest contents of substances, which appetite has at this moment on it's "shopping list".
     Appetite works by the same principles as a gold-miner. He wants to find gold. If in the sand he digs there is a high percentage of gold, only small quantities of sand needs to be sifted to satisfy him. But if the sand has only a small percentage of gold, he has to sift huge quantities of sand, to find the same quantity of gold. Appetite even searches for several essential substances in different quantities. Only after all needs are satisfied, appetite says "enough, stop eating!". The huge quantities of gold-miner's sand to sift are the huge quantities of "empty calories", appetite forces to eat of processed and wrong food, trying to satisfy the body's needs. These "empty calories" cause overweight and obesity.

Cause of overweight and obesity: Processed, inappropriate foodstuffs

     This is the mechanism, why hundreds of millions of people are eating too much food, too much fat, and too much total calories per day. That's also the reason, why they are kept in these "limits of a tolerable conflict", never being able to satisfy both wishes: To eat until satisfied, and maintain normal body weight. It explains also, why it needs hours of sports to burn thousands of "empty calories" they had to consume to find some of the essential vital substances.

Protein oversupply, another dangerous cause

     Recommending less fat and calories, usually replaces them by more animal protein, because being low in calories. Even diets of only steaks and salads were recommended. This can cause a dangerous derailment of metabolism, shifting to a pre-diabetic process with ketogenesis. Also, protein oversupply is another, even more dangerous cause of overweight: Accumulation of protein surplus in the tissues, cells, organs, the cardiovascular system and the connective tissues under the skin. It's fibers are the stored protein. It makes these tissues growing like a sponge, storing huge quantities of water, the more if salt consumption also is high. This water, stored in the protein sponge under the skin, makes the majority of pounds or kilograms of overweight, not the fat.

Man's original genetic frugivorous food program still is functional

     According to man's genetic programming, man is not carnivorous (= meat eater like lion or dog), nor omnivorous (all-and-everything-eater like the wild boar). That's one of the reasons, why people become ill and obese with the common inappropriate, denaturated, processed civilization food.
     As proven by the "Comparing Dentition Anatomy" (Dr. Richard Lehne), the natural genetic food program of man is a frugivorous one: Seeds, especially grass seeds, soft leaves, soft roots, and fruits were the human origin nutrition. Later man cultivated from the wild plants the cereals, root vegetables, leafy salads, nuts and fruits. This genetic program of man still is functional. A healthy, man-appropriate nutrition is the best "reduction diet".
     As soon as overweight and obese people (as well as underweight people) return to a „civilized origin nutrition“, they can eat until satisfied, and overweight starts to drop (underweight people gain weight), until at last the weight normalizes without ever going hungry. Then the obesity (or underweight) is cured, the body's weight is normalized and stabilized, and it's easy to maintain this ideal weight for good. At the same time a strong natural health rises, and a high immunity against infections; vigor increases, digestion, the heart and kidney functions normalize, and the brain works better and easier.

New booklet: Natural Cure of Obesity by Health

     In detail this cure of overweight and obesity by health, based on healthy nutrition,  is explained in English in my new booklet „Natural Cure of Overweight by Health“ (click to see the book review).
New booklet: Natural Cure of Obesity by Health
The new booklet to normalize your weight in the natural way:
(7) Natural Cure of Obesity by Health
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It contains all the information you need to normalize your body weight by restoring your complete health. It explains why the common recommendations don't work. You learn, by which natural food your appetite is satisfied before the calories become more than needed, because of balanced food contents of everything  the body needs. So your weight normalizes for good without going hungry. Even healthy babyfood is described, to protect your children from later obesity. Read it and start your normal weight now!

Hundreds, how they normalized their body weight by healthy nutrition

Some hundreds of people's personal reports, selected from the 3300 in the "Schnitzer Report" by the keyword "overweight" (and translated into English), report on this Internet Site under the topic „Cured from Obesity (Overweight): People's Reports“. Also several other diseases, complaints and ailments they could overcome simultaneously, and those with underweight gained some weight! What is the good side effect of such real cure: Other complaints and diseases, and the other risks of overweight like cardiovascular events, disappear at the same time.

More Information in Dr. Schnitzer's Health Secrets Service

     More information about the true causes of diseases and degeneration, and the natural preconditions of a strong, reliable health, is given in my „Dr.Schnitzer’s Health Secrets Service“ (main page <http://www.doc-schnitzer.com>). If - after reading it's information - any questions remaining, please don't hesitate to ask me by e-mail.
     Friedrichshafen, Germany, 2005,  Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer
Special permission is given for this document to print it out unchanged in any number of copies, to help and save others with this information, who are also in the risk zone of later consequences of overweight and obesity, e.g. sudden fatal cardiovascular events.
© Copyright 1998-2007 (complete Site) by Dr. J. G. Schnitzer, D-88045 Friedrichshafen, Germany
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