Image of booklet: Natural Cure of Obesity by Health

Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer

Natural Cure of
by Health 

 52  pages which can be decisive
for your health and life.

All information and knowledge you need
to normalize your body weight
by restoring your complete health.

15.- per copy + postage.

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     Having any problem you couldn't solve yet, you should look around. You will find others in similar situation, professional explanations of the problem, and advices to solve it. But - before you start to follow up those advices - you should look, how many could solve the problem with it, and how many others couldn't. If there are still too many having the problem (obesity: e.g. 97 million Americans) - something must be wrong.  In such case you must forget about such advices. If they would work, the problem would be solved. The only chance are other, unusual, innovative methods, e.g. to normalize your body weight by the natural method described in this booklet.

     This booklet explains you the real causes of overweight, and why your appetite is right not to be satisfied - because not finding what you really need in the food you get! After that it shows you, which is the real healthy food for man,


     - appropriate to man's still functional genetic program for man's origin nutrition since hundreds of thousands of years. It is a "Civilized Origin Nutrition" - developed and optimized by the author since 4 decades and practiced by hundreds of thousands of people, giving them, their families - and if you want, you too - a solid, reliable health foundation:

  • Food to eat, until your appetite is satisfied fully - without increasing your body weight.
  • Nutrition, which rejuvenates your organism and cells, dissolves all overweight without going hungry and makes you fit, vigorous, healthy, mentally balanced, attractive and interesting for others.
  • Meals, which allow you to enjoy taking breakfast, lunch and dinner - and supply you with energy for several hours without getting hungry again.
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