How can I cure my hypertension?

The Answer, by Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer
Hypertension threatens life. Your body has a reason when elevating your blood pressure. Pills don't cure. Pills can't protect you from fatal cardiovascular consequences. To whom benefit the hypertension pills? The truth about hypertension is held back. How you can cure your hypertension. Links to tap the curing knowledge.

Hypertension threatens life!

You don't feel hypertension. Many hypertonic patients don't even know they are suffering from it. But hypertension is dangerous! Every other person living in a civilized country dies from its sudden fatal consequences: Heart attack, stroke, embolism.

Your body has a reason when elevating your blood pressure

Your body has a vital reason when elevating your blood pressure: To secure the supply of its cells and organs with oxygen and energy in spite of your narrowed capillary blood vessels and a higher viscosity of your blood.

Pills don't cure

Hypertension pills work to reduce your blood pressure. They work against the efforts of your body to maintain a sufficient supply of oxygen and energy, in spite of harder circumstances. That's why you feel worse when taking those pills. The pills can't cure your hypertension. They produce disagreeable "side effects" (because now the supply of oxygen and energy really becomes insufficient). The side effects give reason for prescribing you additional types of pills (that have again new side effects, giving reason for ... etc.).

Pills can't protect you from fatal cardiovascular consequences

Pills can't protect you from fatal cardiovascular consequences. Already years ago, a large long term study in the USA ended with that result. The substantial fact is demonstrated by the mortality rate. 50 % of all deaths in the civilized countries of the "First World" are caused by heart attack, stroke or embolism, the main consequences of hypertension. Nephro-paralysis too is one of them.

To whom benefit the hypertension pills?

Certainly, the hypertension pills benefit to those who produce and sell it. The turnover is gigantic: E.g. in Germany alone, it is about 150 millions DM (= 75,000,000.- US$) per day! In 1999, the "standard therapy of hypertension" was extended from 3 to 5 different medicaments, to be taken daily - by millions of Germans. At the same time, this "standard therapy" creates a second pill market by one of its "side effects": Impotency. It causes a huge demand for the new "potency pills", that are sold at enormous prices to the needy men. The "standard therapy of hypertension" by pills also benefits the "modern medicine". The millions of chronic hypertonic patients, their periodical checkups, their unavoidable sudden near fatal emergency cases and operations, permanently contribute a considerable percentage to the income of the inflated medical apparatus and its affiliated branches.

The truth about hypertension is held back

From this economic point of view, it's no surprise that the truth about causes and curability of hypertension is kept a secret. Even, if the patient asks directly, only vague and partially even false information is given. Routinely, the patient is told that basically hypertension is incurable, the causes are unknown, that he or her have to live with the disease up to the end of their life, and that nothing happens to them if they precisely take in all the prescribed pills each day and regularly come to the periodic checkups to their doctor or hospital. (That all this doesn't protect from sudden fatal cardiovascular consequences and death, is also kept a secret).

How you can cure your hypertension

In fact, easily you can cure your hypertension by simple measures. Without pills, and for good. Probably, as in most cases, you will succeed to reach your normal blood pressure within only 6 - 10 weeks. The principle is, to allow your body to normalize your blood pressure, by re-establishing the natural blood circulation conditions of your cardiovascular system. This happens, if you introduce certain changes in your daily feeding habits. On the one side, this reinforces the regeneration capacity of your body. On the other side, this enables the body to eliminate those substances, that up to now have accumulated in the walls of your cardiovascular system (especially in the basal membrane of the blood vessels), narrowing its lumen and increasing its flow resistance. Also, the viscosity of the blood decreases, the blood becomes thinner and receives a higher oxygen capacity at the same time. Now, having no reason to pump the blood with higher pressure through the system, the body regulates back to the normal blood pressure parameters. By itself, without any pills. It's that simple.

Links to tap curing knowledge

Now, the only remaining "missing links" to cure your hypertension are the curing knowledge and practical know how. You will find them completely, written easily to understand by everybody, with all practical hints, in the book "Hypertension, Life Threatening Risk Factor 1 Now Curable!" (128 pages). You can order it via Internet. There too you find the book review. An overview is given on the "Hypertension Crusade". Just click on the following links. The URL's:
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