Cure your hypertension in 99 days -

for 40 cents a day!

by Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer

Up to now, you paid a lot for your hypertension ...

  • Physically by loss of health, vigor, vitality, perhaps potency, your pilot's license, and by your essentially reduced life expectancy.
  • Mentally by being said to be incurable, needing pills for all your life, conscious of threatening high risk of sudden fatal cardiovascular events, never knowing when and how it could happen.
  • In cash for checkups, treatments, pills, and tonometry.

Now you have found a great chance to cure it, and ...

  • to recapture your health, vigor, vitality, potency, pilot's license, and probably at least 10 years more (this is no limit) of life expectancy - in good health, with high immunity level, without chronic ailments;
  • to recapture your mental freedom from pills, "incurability" and threatening high risk of fatal cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, embolism;
  • to save in cash the costs for treatments, pills and fatal cardiovascular events.
Because you get all the needed "know how" about the causes of your hypertension (so you can avoid it), how to recapture your health (so you can do it) and how to normalize your blood pressure within 99 days. This "know how" you purchase with the privately printed book (not available in book stores):

"Hypertension Causes & Cure, Risk Factor 1 Now Curable!"

(For the book review with link to the order page please click on this title).
You will get this book with it's exciting and very helpful life information immediately by airmail just for $39,- free from shipping and money transfer costs. So the "know how" costs you only 40 cents a day, to recapture your health within 99 days. Those pills would cost you much more per day, and this for all the rest of your life, not only for 99 days; so in truth you save a fortune.

Do you want to give yourself this chance? In this case ...

  • click here (the book order page): <Click here> - and be happy to escape within only weeks from the very high risk of sudden fatal cardiovascular events, that hits every other person in the first world, shortening their lives essentially. More health information you find on the Internet here:

Dr. Schnitzer's Health Secrets Service

Here you will find information about the true causes of diseases and degeneration, and the natural preconditions of a strong, reliable health (entry page): <http://www.doc-schnitzer.com>. If, after reading it's information and my book about your topic, you would have any further questions - please feel free to ask me by e-mail: Dr.Schnitzer@t-online.de .
     Friedrichshafen, Germany, 2004 - Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer
P.S. An overview on the hypertension pages of this site you find on the "Hypertension Crusade" page. URL:
Special permission is given for this document to print it out unchanged in any number of copies, to help and save others with this information, who are also in the risk zone of sudden fatal cardiovascular events.
© Copyright 1998-2004 (complete Site) by Dr. J. G. Schnitzer, D-88045 Friedrichshafen, Germany
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