Hypertension Crusade

by Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer

Warn your friends, save their lives and your own, and protect your children against the silent top killer disease!

Did you know that since 1987 hypertension (high blood pressure) has been curable? Why is this information still unknown in Western medicine? Who is teaching this method and how do I get a copy of the therapy? ... and now, do you feel cheated that you didn't know this?

Nobel laureate Max Planck said this would happen, it would take 50 years for changes like these to filter down to the sick. What a waste of life and resources to think that since years ago the cure has been in use. The good news is that it has not been thrown out with the bath water. You can get this advice here and now, within as little as 6-12 weeks be cured and out of danger of additional complications of hypertension. Find the practical Know How and see the typical case histories in the book "Hypertension Causes & Cure - Life Threatening Risk Factor 1 Now Curable".

You can't believe it yet? Read the participants' reports of the New Hypertension Study; it's dynamite!


Hypertension crusade now - or wait until the year 2037?

     Modern medicine regards itself to be an exact natural science, based on facts as results of scientific experiments. Indeed, students of medicine learn a complete doctrine of modern medicine; and they assume that this doctrine is composed of facts. They "believe" their teachers, and they believe in this doctrine (as most patients do). Too, they don't have any other choice, if they want to pass their examination and get their license as a physician.
     The inner conflict starts, when they find a fact which doesn't fit into the official medical doctrine. What to do in such a case? Ask the professor? This could look as if you have doubts, like not believing fully what the teacher is teaching. Dangerous for a student who will be examined by this professor. Better to live with the inner conflict until the examination could be passed successfully.
After the physician's examination, it's not much better; the same medical doctrine is valid in the hospitals and the medical associations. Within the official doctrine, any fatal event is legally covered by the official doctrine and its medical experts, who will argue based on this doctrine in any legal conflict. Whoever is thinking and acting outside the borderlines of this official medical doctrine, is fair game, becoming an outcast. This can include destruction of the economic basis of life.
     This means, that "modern medicine" is far from being an exact natural science. It is a doctrine. Consequently, in modern medicine only those facts and opinions are valid, that are acknowledged by the "ruling school", meaning by the leading representatives of the "ruling school". Any proven fact, or any opinion based on a proven fact, if not acknowledged by the system and its representatives, is not valid in this system.
     Whenever there are new fundamental facts, proving the medical doctrine about this topic to be an error, it is of historical experience, that the "ruling medical school" will not accept the new facts. They will first try to ignore the facts, then to fight against, to spread around "directed misinformation" about, and to drive those people down who found the new facts. A famous German physicist, Max Planck, Nobel Prize Winner, said: "Wrong doctrines in science need 50 years until becoming replaced, because not only the respective teachers, but also their students have to die out before." After all, when they couldn't avoid the introduction of a therapy based on the new facts, they will argue: "What does he claim to bring new? We always claimed this" - and the "ruling medical school" will absorb the new therapy, declaring it as its own invention and development.
     One of those expiring doctrines is the "incurability of hypertension". The expiration or sell-by date was in autumn of the year 1987, when I published two books about the cure of hypertension (one for physicians with the therapy, one for the patients), plus myself and Dr. Helmut Weiss were teaching it on the Medical Week of Baden-Baden 1987. About 250 physicians were participating, and they could interview several cured former hypertonic patients. But none of those physicians took over this highly effective therapy after the congress, up to now in the new millenium. Meanwhile, how many of these doctors might have lost their own life by sudden fatal cardiovascular events? While "only" 50 % of the population die by cardiovascular diseases, it's 60 % of the physicians that become the victims of their expired doctrine (which gives an idea about the type of "efficacy" of the medication they prescribe to their patients).
     The recently started Hypertension Study revealed the tip of the iceberg:
  • Hypertension can be cured within few weeks, even if having suffered from it for years and decades - but not with pills.
  • Hypertension pills can't cure hypertension.
  • Hypertension pills often not even can lower the high blood pressure to "normal".
  • The main effects of hypertension pills are their side effects.
  • Most physicians don't know this.
  • Most physicians even don't want to know this.
  • Most physicians don't much support the efforts of their patients to recover from hypertension and to get rid of the permanent medication (but there are some - very rare - exceptions).
  • Physicians lull their patients into a false sense of security, by making the patients believe that hypertension pills would protect them from the sudden fatal consequences of hypertension (heart attack, stroke, embolism etc.). The mortality statistics know it better - and the pilots' doctors as well: They keep hypertonic pilots grounded even if they could "normalize" their blood pressure with hypertension pills.
  • Some physicians oppose to the efforts of their patients, who try to re-conquer their natural health.
  • Some physicians even warn their patients from efforts which could allow them to cure themselves in a natural way.
     Now it is your choice: Do you want to wait until autumn of the year 2037, to get this curing therapy to hypertension for yourself and your friends? If not, if you want it now, it needs your participation in a hypertension crusade, to replace the expired doctrine now.

Crusade Section I: If you are hypertonic, cure your hypertension now

     It's much easier than you think. You just learn, which are the main causes of your hypertension. Then you remove them. Also you learn, which are the main preconditions of a solid natural health. Then you introduce them for yourself and for your family. That's all.
     As soon as the causes of your hypertension are eliminated, the regulation system of your body will switch back to a normal blood pressure. What is even more important: You will leave the risk zone of fatal cardiovascular events quickly. And, last but not least, a strong, powerful, stable, reliable natural health takes place for the rest of your life (replacing the hypertension you were told you should live with for the rest of your life).

Crusade Section II: Help your friends to cure their hypertension now

     If you have 10 friends, about 3-4 of them are suffering from hypertension - and from the bad side effects of the usual symptomatical treatment. Wouldn't it be easy for you to print this information out for all 10 of them, and give it to them?
     Each of them will either have the problem himself (or herself), or at least know several other people who have the problem "hypertension" too.
     Easy also, to add some hints to your e-mails and on your website. How?  You will find ideas in "Do your friends a favor" - <https://www.dr-schnitzer.de/linkdrs3.html>.
     If only you could help one single person in this way, you saved one person's life. This will make you even more happy than the saved person, who will be very grateful to you. As an example, in September 1999 I received this e-mail:
     "Dear Dr. Schnitzer, ... I want to say thanks for your efforts and knowledge. My father, with heavy condition (cardional disease, stroke, age 66), does no more need any anti-hypertonic medicaments because of your nutrition. Too, one artery in the back of his head, right side to the brain, which was 100 % obliterated, opened again. (please excuse my simple medical expressions). Also my brother, 39, and me, 33, now  are having again a normal blood pressure. Would you mind that we put a link on our Internet site to your site, to disseminate your discoveries and truth?"
I'm sure you will like it, to get similar thanks from your friends, after you gave them access to the secrets of natural health and the curability of their hypertension.

Crusade Section III: As a physician, cure your patients now

     If you are a physician: Cure your patients from hypertension, instead of only treating their disease. A disease is an "unwanted guest" in the body of the patient. What happens with guests, when nicely treated? They like to stay longer! I confess, this brings you into a certain dilemma.
     On the one side, you won't get your honorary from healthy people (in contrary to a wise regulation of the old China). You get it from the sick ones, especially from the chronically sick ones. So why cure them and loose them at the same time as paying member of your clientele? The chronic patients are the ones who guarantee you a permanent good level of income - not those others coming now and then with a broken finger, or with a headache after the birthday party.
     On the other side, the ethic claims of the medical profession say, that your task is to serve the health of your patients (not to earn by treating their diseases without curing them). In general, this would mean clearly, that you would be the best physician, when bringing yourself completely out of business, by introducing a general and solid healthy constitution to your patients. In fact it is a different picture: In case you start to cure diseases instead of only treating them, your name would earn a great reputation, bringing you so many new patients, that you would have difficulties to accept all of them. Those who lose, would be your colleagues, who continue only to treat without curing. You would lose their sympathy and support, but you would win the sympathy of a lot of new patients and the gratefulness of those who got cured by you.
     Now choose. If you decide to cure from now on chronic ailments like hypertension, then acquire the know how, start to cure, and give me your address. I will provide it to those patients who ask me for addresses of doctors with experience in this curing therapy.
     If you have a clinic or hospital, please contact me. If you can effectuate this curing therapy consequently, you could acquire a license for it, and use it in your ad campaigns.

Where the "know how" is documented how to cure hypertension

A main part of the know how is published on this site: These books contain all details of knowledge and practice:
New book: Hypertension - Life Threatening Risk Factor 1 Now Curable!
The new book to cure yourself from hypertension:
(5) Hypertension Causes & Cure - Life Threatening Risk Factor 1 Now Curable!
(Click on the book or here: Order page. Click on this headline or here: Book review.)
High blood pressure is the silent main killer of civilization. Every other person in a developed country dies suddenly of one of its consequences: Heart attack, stroke, embolism. This book informs you about the true causes of hypertension. It teaches you how to leave fast the risk zone of fatal cardiovascular events, how to get free from those pills with their disagreeable side effects, and how to normalize your blood pressure within 6-12 weeks for good in a very natural way (see the typical case histories in the book). Read it and cure your hypertension now!
The classic book of man-appropriate natural nutrition: Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition - Schnitzer Normal Nutrition
Hippokrates (460-337 B.C.): "Let your food be your remedy!"
The classic book of man-appropriate natural nutrition:
(8) Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition - Schnitzer Normal Nutrition
(Click on the book or here: Order page. Click on this headline or here: Book review.)
Before writing this book, the author stated: "It's a fact, that feeding habits of civilization cause most chronic ailments of civilization. The genetic programming of the human metabolism couldn't adapt to this unnatural, denaturated food. So, the old genetic programming for man's origin nutrition must be functional". This origin nutrition he searched for, found, developed from it a man-appropriate "civilized origin nutrition", and described it in this book with recipes and pictures. Subsequently hundreds of thousands of people are able to recover from chronic diseases and reconquer their health with it (13 editions, 144,000 copies sold). Realize your own health opportunities now also!
P.S. This book is available in English, French, Finnish and German languages (see too order page)
New booklet: Natural Cure of Obesity by Health
The new booklet to normalize your weight in the natural way:
Natural Cure of Obesity by Health
(Click on the book or here: Order page. Click on this headline or here: Book review.)
It contains all the information you need to normalize your body weight by restoring your complete health. It explains why the common recommendations don't work. You learn, by which natural food your appetite is satisfied before the calories become more than needed, because of balanced food contents of everything  the body needs. So your weight normalizes for good without going hungry. Even healthy babyfood is described, to protect your children from later obesity. Read it and start your normal weight now!

Book Diabetes Causes and Cure, including Cure of Later Diabetes Consequences. Self-help for diabetics. How to cure diabetes, not only "to treat it and to live with the disease for lifetime". Most of it you can do yourself!

New edition 2001/2002. It's in your own hands:
Diabetes Causes & Cure - including Cure of Later Diabetes Consequences
(Click on the book or here: Order page. Click on this headline or here: Book review.)
800.000 leg amputations in diabetic patients are enough! Such a huge number of amputations have been carried out in Germany alone during the last 2 decades. Most of them unnecessarily, as the author of this book is convinced. Because already in 1977 - when asked for advice in a dramatic case - Dr. Schnitzer found a way to save the leg of a diabetic patient that urgently should have been amputated because of diabetic gangrene. After that, surprisingly, the diabetes itself healed up. See also: Diabetes Secrets for the young Generation - What your doctor isn't telling you about causes, prevention and cure of Diabetes type I...


By this hypertension crusade, you re-conquer health yourself and for many others

     Don't think the hypertension crusade's success wouldn't depend on you. If everybody would think this, hypertension would continue to kill 50 % of the population. You and your friends "chances" to be within these 50 % are much higher than to win in any lottery or casino. You, as a single person who detected this information on the web, can save the lives of dozens of people, including your own, from the sudden fatal events indicated by hypertension. Perhaps your information reaches somebody who has the power to inform millions of other people.
     Choose one or two sections of the "Hypertension Crusade", which fits to you, and start your activities. You will not find many other occasions, which allow you such high output by such small and easy input. Check the following list, and cross out what you can't do:
  • Re-establish a healthy nutrition for yourself (and your family);
  • Cure your hypertension (so far you have one) and re-conquer your natural health;
  • Put a hint and link to <https://www.dr-schnitzer.de/hypertension-crusade.html> as a P.S. (postscriptum) to your e-mails;
  • Put an info, banner or link to <http://www.doc-schnitzer.com> on your internet site;
  • If you are a physician, start the curing therapy with your hypertonic patients and inform me;
  • If you have a clinic and wish to cure your patients, write me to acquire a license;
  • If you see any additional possibilities, please write me also.
What you didn't strike out, seems to be in the area of your possibilities. Just start to do it. Don't forget, how serious it is: You have a chance to save lives, including eventually your own. And you contribute to the success of the hypertension crusade, to save every other person against a fatal deadly cardiovascular event. Isn't this worth some small personal effort?
If any question remains, you are welcome to write me an e-mail to <Dr.Schnitzer@t-online.de>.
     Friedrichshafen, Germany, 2004 - Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer

P.S. Cardiovascular ailments and hypertension obviously have become also a common disease of young people (age 20-30 years). This was reported February 2000 in a German radio station by the Director of the University Clinic of Bonn, Germany. About 500,000 Germans die each year from cardiovascular diseases, in most cases caused by an "unhealthy lifestyle", he said.
"It's high time for your personal action and prevention," I say - "if you don't want yourself, your children and your friends to become another number in such morbidity and mortality statistics". Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer
In March 2001, the American Heart Association published a new warning: During the last decade, the sudden heart death among young women and men up to 44 years has increased by 10 %. In the age group 15-34 years the rate even increased by 30 %. Young men were twice as much hit than young women. As one of the causes, obesity is discussed by the physicians. (See also: "Slim without going hungry", <https://www.dr-schnitzer.de/overweight.html>.).

Special permission is given for this document to print it out unchanged in any number of copies, to help and save others with this information, who are also in the risk zone of sudden fatal cardiovascular events.
© Copyright 1998-2004 (complete Site) by Dr. J. G. Schnitzer, D-88045 Friedrichshafen, Germany
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