Hypertension = "Russian Roulette"?

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Abgeschickt von Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer am 06 April, 2000 um 20:06:08

Hypertension = "Russian Roulette"?

Dear friends of this forum,
a certain instability of the forum program caused me - at last, after several repair efforts - to renew the forum completely and to start it new. Nothing of the former contributions is lost - you find them all, organized by topics, on the Health Forum Documentation (see link group at the head of this forum). Some of the contributions between 17 March and 6 April 2000 are not yet transferred to there; this will be done within the next days. Those that need yet an answer, will get that on the Health-Forum-Documentation. So far an e-mail address of the sender is given, I will send a personal e-mail as soon as the answer is put there.
Please, feel very welcome, to put your question and to report your experience on this forum. This will encourage many others, who still are suffering from some of the hundreds of different civilization ailments, to take their fate into their own hands and to reconquer their natural strong health and vitality, no matter at which age. So long as there is life in the body, nearly everything is possible. Even above an age of 80+, the capacity of biological regeneration is overwhelming - when the body is supplied with new life by genetically man-appropriate, undenaturated, natural, vital foodstuffs as described on this Site.
Especially, I invite you to participate in the "Hypertension Crusade" initiated on this site (see link below). Hypertension is the Risk factor No 1, to get - and to die from - one of the cardiovascular diseases. This happens to about 50 % of the population in most countries of the world. Its main causes are as well main causes of most of the other civilization ailments (e.g. risk of people with hypertension to get diabetes II is more than double compared to people with normal blood pressure; those who take beta-blockers to treat their hypertension, additionally increase their risk to get diabetes II on top by 28 %).
To ignore hypertension or - instead of curing it - to treat it by pills with all their side effects, would mean the same risk as to play "Russian Roulette" with a gun, that is 50 % loaded with bullets. You shouldn't do that - and you should warn your friends as well not to do that. The "Hypertension Crusade" provides with all knowledge and practical know-how, enabling you and your friends to leave the cardiovascular risk zone, and to normalize your blood pressure without pills.
Question: Do you already know what will be your first action? And when you will start it?
Sincerely yours
Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer

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