Fight against Hunger, Greenhouse Effect and Leprosy

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Communication by Frédéric Stahl (France) between November 2006 and February 2007
(see also comments by Dr. Schnitzer below)

Fight against Hunger

Eight hundred million people are undernourished. Each year more than one million die of hunger. The causes are the permanently growing consumption of meat, the uncontrolled excess of birth rate, and the export of food from developing countries, because the upper class of these countries wants to import TV sets and cars.

If a man wants to eat meat every day, he requires one quarter of a hectare of arable land and pasture. From this quarter of a hectare, five people could be nourished the vegetarian way. Already in 1977 I have explained this in my book "Earth has Proteins for All" (original title of the book published in German: "Die Erde hat Eiweiß für Alle"). From one million hectares of arable land, only 4 million people can be fed with a combination of animal and vegetable food. Whereas the same one million hectares can feed and maintain an excellent health of 21 million people, if the land is completely used for production of vegetable food.

There are several ways to reduce the consumption of meat:

  • Is it necessary to feed the prisoners with meat? These people can be adapted to vegetable and raw food. This can be supported by a cleansing of the bowels. This is carried out as follows: For one week, only carrot juice is taken. This works without feeling hungry. After about 4 days, a clyster is given with about 2 l of water, depending on the body weight, with simultaneous soft abdominal massage. The complete process should be controlled by a medical doctor. After one week, slowly solid food is introduced, but only vegetable and raw foodstuff. For prisoners, this has to be done in prison.

Raw vegan (only from plants) nutrition requires the consumption of a small quantity of garlic every day. For example: Oat grains without their chaff, or germinable "naked oats", passed through a cereal mill and immediately soaked in a bit of water, are mixed with finely cut garlic. A green salad is eaten with these oats. The salad contains an enzyme, phytase, which decomposes the phytine of the cereals, liberating the phosphates and a vitamin, the inosit. This vitamin prevents the greying of the hair. (Digestive enzymes don't decompose the phytine!). Phytase is also produced by lactic acid fermentation (bread made with leaven, or the naturally fermented German sauerkraut), and during the germinating of cereal grains as well as during the soaking (in a bit of water) of germinable, freshly milled cereal grains.

To prevent the emission of garlic odor is easy: Add half a teaspoonful of vitamin C - or if not available a tablespoonful of freshly pressed lemon juice - to these (non-cooked) oats. Vitamin C is a reductor, the active substance of garlic is changed into the reduced state, which is odorless. This works only if there is no contact with oxygen. That's the case with milled oats soaked in an adequate quantity of water.

Vitamin C, as it can be obtained in pharmacies, is half synthetic: With one chemical reaction, the dextrose is transformed into vitamin C.

Vegetables are the original foods of mankind. It took a long time to invent bows and arrows to hunt animals. One must ask: What has really been eaten by primitive man? They have observed what animals were eating, in order to know which vegetables are non-toxic. In that way, man has observed that bears have a preference for little quantities of a plant called the bear-garlic. This plant grows in some clearings in forests. The garlic odor is perceived at a distance of 50 meters. This plant has been transformed into a culture plant, the garlic. Bears have a better immune system than man. If nevertheless they eat bear-garlic, this means that it is an indispensable additive to food. All the more, garlic is indispensable for man.

For ruminants things are different. After the fermentation in the paunch, only lactic acid bacteria are present. Animals with one stomach and man must eat bear-garlic or garlic to neutralize eventually present pathogenous bacteria. Even in a dilution of 1 : 300000, garlic stops the reproduction of typhus bacteria.

Garlic is resorbed in the duodenum, it doesn't reach the large intestine. The intestinal bacteria can't be damaged by garlic.

There is another advantage: Many people who are living as outlaws, see no inconvenience to be fed several years upon the costs of the tax-payers, and without paying any rent for their housing. But the perspective to have no meat during several years is frightening. This decision - no meat for prisoners - is an effective thing for diminution of criminality.

In supplement, there is energy-saving, if cooking, baking and frying are suppressed. That's a contribution to the diminution of carbondioxide emissions, respectively consumption of electric current. If we want to abandon atomic energy, each possibility must be used.

Politicians should see no obstacle for such a decision (no meat for prisoners). Because ex-prisoners have no electoral right, there will be no deficit of votes at elections.

  • Is it necessary to feed circus animals (lions, tigers, panthers etc.) with meat? About 40 years ago, there was a family in California, living in a house with a garden, surrounded by a high wall. The domestic animal present in this family was a female lion. This lion never has been fed with meat. Only with oats (porridge) three times a day. This lion was a friendly animal playing with children.

For circus animals accustomed to meat, there is an easy trick: add one cup of finely cut meat to a big quantity of porridge (or better oats without their chaff, passed through a cereal mill and soaked in water). The entire mixture will have the odor of meat, these carnivores will eat it. And their instinct will quickly tell them that oats are a very good thing.

The same thing applies to dogs and cats. In Germany, for a long time, dogs are fed with oats. But that's not so everywhere else. French dogs are fed with meat. These dogs are aggressive. The French postmen know that very well. A postwoman has been aggressed by such a dog. This dog has biten her in her breast.

  • A Russian doctor, Galina Schatalowa, is the author of a book "We are gluttoning ourselves to Death". In this book, she is making an end to several dogmas. At first the completely obsolete calorie science, which claims 3000 calories daily. Half of that is enough. At second the incorrect opinion of the superiority of animal proteins: Meat, milk cheese, eggs. At third the consumption of drinking water (excess should be avoided).

To prove that her opinion is right, she has organized a cross-country march through one of the central Asiatic desertic zones, during 10 days. About eight men, eating in accordance with the principles of this doctor, and two sportsmen, eating meat and drinking up to 10 liters of water per day, were participating in this experiment. these two sportsmen abandoned after two days and returned back. The eight other men continued without special strain until they reached their target. The doctor herself has participated in this march, and this at her age of 75 years!

An immediate conclusion is, that e.g. soldiers, who are eating only vegetables, are much more energetic than those who are eating a normal diet. This has already been observed during the Vietnam war. The Vietcong combattants, eating principally whole rice, salads and fruits, had evidently more force and endurance than US-soldiers, eating very "good" according to occidental standards. But, as nearly always, politicians have taken no lesson. An intelligent ruler will certainly not ignore the perspective to have an army whose soldiers are performing a multiple of the usual, at much less costs for feeding.

Napoleon 1st said: "An army is going with its stomach." But he ignored the difference between vegetable and meat nutrition.

An event of World War II has come back into my memory. A sergeant of the German army has given conferences in secondary schools, to report about his experience at the Soviet Russian front. The most interesting of his conference was this: Two of his soldiers, inspecting the surrounding country, had found a Russian soldier laying on the earth. They helped him to stand up. No vehicle was there to transport this man to the German military hospital. Supporting him from both sides with their shoulders, the two German soldiers had helped the Russian soldier to walk to the German military hospital, 10 kilometers behind the front line.

When the doctor examined this Russian, he stated a double perforation of the lung. One bandage on each side, that was sufficient. Then the doctor said to the two soldiers: "That was careless to go 10 kilometers with this man." The soldiers only could reply that this Russian did not understand German. "We could not know what had happened to him, and he did not try to make a pause." During the next days, the doctor had the surprise to see how fast and without complications this wound was healing.

At the end of this conference, this sergeant said: "We, the Germans, have nothing to surpass such people." There is a very good reason for that:

When Stalin came to power, one of his first decisions was the interdiction of producing white bread. Because for him that was an invention of the capitalists, therefore it had to be redressed. To be sure, that the whole grain flour not secretly would be sieved to nevertheless produce white bread, Stalin ordered to transport the dough kneader machines from the bakeries to the mills. Under the supervision of selected, dyed-in-the-wool communists, the whole grain flour was immediately converted into dough. From this time onwards, the bakers were not furnished with flour, but with dough.

There's another fact, too. The French Professor Delbet discovered the very important role of magnesium to maintain health. If there's a deficiency of magnesium in the soil, the plants too are poor in magnesium. The percentage of cancer diseases then is up to three times higher, than with food crops from soils rich in magnesium.

In addition to that, Professor Delbet stated that all magnesium is lost, if the cooking water, in which vegetables were boiled, is thrown away (according to Dr. Schnitzer, vegetables shouldn't be boiled at all, but eaten raw as salads). Also, Professor Delbet found out, that white bread contains practically no magnesium.

For this reason, Professor Delbet proposed to enrich magnesium-poor soils with magnesium. Despite the fact that Professor Delbet was member of the "Académie de Médicine", he became subject of obstruction of his colleagues. Because cancer treatment is a gold mine for physicians. None of them wanted to hear anything about cancer prevention.

Conclusion: Stalin has anticipated the discoveries of Doctor Schnitzer and of Professor Delbet. The moral drawn from this story: If one wants to render a health service to his people, it's better to be a dictator, rather than a dentist or a professor of medicine ...

The only explanation of the exceptional physical performance  of the Russians during World War II is the bread which has been produced from freshly milled whole cereal grains.

The successors of Stalin didn't want to change anything of the communist doctrine. To offer some compensation to their people, they have made a concession in an other domaine, they have allowed the production of white bread. By ignorance of realities, the Russians became white bread consumers. For this reason, their army is no longer what it was under Stalin. This became visible in Tchetchenia and in Afghanistan.

Conclusion: Stalin has won the war with the right recipe to make bread. The Germans, thanks to the German chamber of dentists, have lost the war, and after the war degenerated to a population of chronically ill people. Because this chamber of dentists has performed a sabotage of the discovery of Dr. Schnitzer. The German Minister of Defence and the German Minister of Health would be well advised to go to court, because what these gentlemen have done, is a crime against humanity and against their own population.

  • Not only for soldiers, but too for the population in general, the plant based nutrition brings a big advantage for health and physical performance. The first step is to convince the families, that it is much better for children (and much cheaper), not to nourish them with meat. As all plant-eating mammals, man needs mother's milk at the beginning of his life, later only vegetables. The second step will be, to persuade the entire population of the advantages of a nutrition based on vegetables. The digestion works well without any constipation. The rapidity of reflexes and the immune system are comparable with those of animals living in the wilderness. That means a very considerable reorganization of the entire economic system. The butchers will have to give up their business, but on the other side all consumers will be able to buy a home with the money saved.

The return of man to his original plant-based nutrition (too without milk) will reduce the greenhouse effect considerably. The "Experts" who had the word in Kyoto and Nairobi, are acting as if only industry, transport and heating of houses would produce carbon dioxide. But for the more than 6 billion people, there are one billion cows, with a ten times bigger lung than man has. These animals produce carbon dioxide at one end, and at the other end they generate methane, a greenhouse gas with much more deleterious effect than carbon dioxide. The speakers of the car industry say: "Cows are more deleterious to the environment than cars." This statement is confirmed by the Zoologist Josef Reichholf (see http://www.focus.de/wissen/wissenschaft/klima/ ): "Cattle breeding damages the climate more than the complete motorized traffic."

Without any doubt, the methods explained here have also a good influence on peace on all continents. Rightly so, hunger catastrophes are always a cause of conflicts. Even if there's no hunger situation, meat consumption is dangerous. The ancient Greeks already knew that. Plato said: "The first responsible for wars are not the kings, but the cooks. Because they add more and more meat to the meals. To produce more meat, more pasture land is required, and if one doesn't have it, one tries to take it from the neighbor's land."

Protein deficiency caused by saturated fats

It's the saturated fats causing deficiency of protein. Professor Lintzel has demonstrated it 40 years ago: To metabolize on gram of saturated fat, one gram of high value protein is required.

E. g. if a man - because of his financial situation - has sparsely but just sufficiently to eat, with a correct ration of carbohydrates, but only 50 grams of fat containing 40 grams saturated fat, and 50 grams of proteins, he thinks, that will be right. But this is an error. Because 40 grams of protein are consumed to metabolize the 40 grams of saturated fat. Only 10 grams of protein remain for other requirements of the organism. That's not enough.

The saturated fats, that are the animal fats, especially butter. Vegetable fats are mostly unsaturated (partially single unsaturated, partially double unsaturated. Flax oil has a significant content of double unsaturated fat. Also the safflor oil (from a particular tyoe of thistle, grown in California). Moreover, the saturated fats from plants have a short carbon atoms structure of about 16 carbon atoms. But the saturated fats of animal origin have a much longer structure of about 22 carbon atoms. For a better understanding:

Saturated:  -C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C- - - -
Single unsaturated:  -C-C-C-C=C-C-C-C-C- - - -
double unsaturated:  -C-C-C=C-C-C-C=C-C-C- - - - -

In saturated fats, each carbon atom is linked to two hydrogen atoms (not shown). Unsaturated fats contain less hydrogen. The double bond between carbon atoms facilitates greatly the metabolizing process.

Protein deficiency by heating of food

Another reason for protein deficiency is the Maillard-Reaction. This is the combination of sugar and proteins, which occurs at temperatures above 80 ° C. This combination is not digestible. It can only putrefy in the lower intestine, together with the indigestible structure proteins (the hull of muscle fibers). This leads directly to hepatitis. And "medicine" wants to cure it by vaccination.

People must learn to eat principally raw aliments. Personally, I eat only raw vegetable food. Plants which belong to the crucifers, are easier digestible if submitted to the lacto-fermentation. Once I purchased oats kernels, treated by heat to eliminate their chaff. It took only 3 weeks to become constipated.

It's very easy to overcome hunger and malnutrition in the world - it needs only to use the right foodstuff and the right methods.

Lawn mower, greenhouse effect and World Peace

The chlorophyll of the green leaves has an important task to fulfill. It takes the carbon dioxide from the air and produces with it and water organic substances and oxygen. This is not only true for the leaves of the trees, the algae in the ocean and the culture crops, but also for all and every plants  growing on non-cultivated land.

The assimilation of carbon dioxide must be improved in order to reduce the greenhouse effect. But that's just what the civilized man doesn't do:

  • The Brasilians have cut large surfaces of the Amazon Forest (if not burned down) to make pastures for even more cows. These animals are emitting carbon dioxide at one end and the greenhouse effect gas methane at the other side. Pastures assimilate much less carbon dioxide than the forest, and after a few years they have lost their fertility. Then the carbon dioxide assimilation is zero.
  • In the big cities, small towns and villages, the mayors want to see short mowed lawn everywhere. In many places, the lawn mower passes each week. But 5 cm high grass is taking much less carbon dioxide out of the air than 50 cm high plants with large leaves.
  • The big costal cities rarely have sewage purification plants. E. g. New York. The untreated residual water with its numerous organic substances flows into the ocean. The green algae, which normally are taking the carbon dioxide dissolved in the water to produce oxygen, have adapted themselves to these new living conditions. They are now grey algae, which consume organic material and oxygen, and produce carbon dioxide. The contrary of what is programmed by nature!

What the Europeans are doing with their lawn movers, is equivalent to what the Brasilians have done with their Amazonas forest. There is too another aspect of this problem. Bees can't exist only from the flowers of the cultivated plants. They must find flowers during the entire vegetation period. For bees, the lawn is a desert zone. These many deserts in and outside of cities decrease the production of honey, pollen, Propolis and Gelée Royale.

At the conferences in Rio, Kyoto and Nairobi, only the secondary aspects were discussed, the emissions of industry, transport and heating. One proposal suggests to pump the carbon dioxide into empty oil fields - without realizing that the oxygen, consumed during the combustion, also will be lost in the underground. This will decrease the oxygen content of the atmosphere! This method, which already has been tested, consumes a lot of energy, because the combustion gases, containing 75 % of nitrogen, must be compressed to at least 60 bars, so separate the carbon dioxide by liquefaction (and the consumers will have to pay new taxes).

A much more intelligent method is to blow the untreated combustion gases 10 meters under any water surface (Oceans or the Great Lakes in the northern states of the USA). Only one bar of overpressure is required to blow fine gas bubbles under the water surface. Algae, present in every water body, will consume the carbon dioxide, which dissolves rapidly in water, and will set free the oxygen.

Well informed people like the former Vice-President Al Gore (USA) say, that we have only ten other years to avoid the catastrophe, means the melting of the Polar ice shields and as a consequence a 50 m rise of the oceans and the inundation of wide, highly populated costal areas, land and towns.

This will cause conflicts, because the refugees coming from the low costal areas and towns will not always be welcomed by the population living in higher elevations.

To reduce the use of lawn movers to twice a year, will cost nothing. On the contrary, the money saved here can be used elsewhere, e.g. for a better thermal insulation of houses. In addition, the carbon dioxide emission of the lawn movers will be considerably reduced.

Certain Feeding habits cause Leprosy

According to the observations of the Argentine physician Dr. Capdevilla, Leprosy is caused even without contamination (infection), if the following food combinations are consumed frequently:

Pork meat - cheese - alcohol - hot spices 
Fish - cheese - alcohol - hot spices 

Professor Enderlein could prove that bacteria adapt to their environment. E.g. Tuberculosis appeared after Leprosy disappeared in Europe. But the orthodox medicine hasn't acknowledged the discovery of Prof. Enderlein. Because this would have made obsolete the entire vaccination doctrine.

The Jews know already for 3000 - 4000 years, that pork meat causes either cancer or leprosy. The Muslims even go one step further: No pork meat, no alcohol. This should cause some reflections in the religious leaders of the Christian world. The pastors of the Orthodox, the Catholics and the Protestants should emphasize that the Apostles did a big mistake when saying: "We allow our followers to eat pork." Basically, this was pure demagogy. By that, how many sorrows and sufferings have been caused in the Christian populations!

If Christians would give up pork, the Muslims would have one reason less to brand Christians as "unbelievers". This too would be a contribution to peace.

Alsace, France, November/December 2006 and January/February 2007

Frédéric Stahl (80)
Private scientist


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Comments by Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer, December 2006, January and February 2007

World nutrition, climate and more

It was in the 1960-ties, when I met Frédéric Stahl - at the International Congresses about Vital Substances and Civilization Diseases, which were organized by the German Professor Dr. H. A. Schweigart, to provide all governments worldwide with the complete knowledge, how the health of their populations can be maintained and how civilization diseases can be prevented.

The association had excellent scientists as members, within them also Nobel Prize Winners like Prof. Linus Pauling, and experts, who during World War II had to organize the nutrition of the population in their countries, like Prof. Alfred Fleisch (Switzerland), and Prof. Tuivo Rautavaara (Finland). Prof. Schweigart had been in charge of the nutrition of the population and the armed forces in Germany. They did their job in such an excellent way, that during this - in fact stressful - time e.g. a heart attack was such a rare event, that most students of medicine couldn't see a single one during their studies of several years; similar with diabetes II, which today is the fastest increasing civilization disease.

Frédéric Stahl was the assistant of Professor Schweigart during the years 1960-1962. He worked especially on combinations of vegetable proteins, to reach a high biological protein value of a plant-based nutrition.

Frédéric Stahl documented numerous combinations of vegetable foodstuff with a high biological basic value, which allow a high value protein supply without needing any foodstuff from animals. He could show that a solely plant-based nutrition even provides considerably (about 40 %) more glutamic acid to the brain, which is needed for optimal brain functions (animal proteins contain much less glutamic acid, which is indispensable for a good performance of the brain).

The biological basic protein value means, in simple words, the percentage of the total protein content of a nutrition, which contains all essential amino acids which are needed to build body protein, including the essential amino acids not obtainable by transformation of similar substances. E.g. in cow milk it's 44.9 %, in cow meat 53.6 %.

Such combinations and their biological basic values, documented by F. Stahl, which allow a full protein supply with vegetables, are e.g.:

Combination of vegetable foodstuff Biological basic protein value of the combination
Wheat + Chickpeas:  44.8 %
Wheat + Buckwheat:  53.5 %
Wheat + Soybeans:  54.5 %
Wheat + fresh leafy Vegetables:  56.1 %
Rye + Wheat:  41.5 %
Rye + Sunflowerseeds:  45.2 %
Rye + Whole Rice:  46.2 %
Rye + Hazelnuts:  47.3 %
Oats + Lentils:  42.7 %
Oats + Potatoes:  45.7 %
Oats + Chickpeas:  46.0 %
Oats + Soybeans:  54.5 %
Whole Rice + Maniok:  46.5 %
Whole Rice + Lentils:  47.3 %
Whole Rice + Mungbeans:  48.0 %
Whole Rice + Buckwheat:  53.3 %
Whole Rice + fresh leafy Vegetables:  58.0 %

Remarks of Frédéric Stahl to this table:

"The first example, wheat and chickpeas, is the standard food of Sicilians. The last example is the standard food of the Vietcong soldiers (and also of the majority of Chinese).

These are computed results, based on the protein theory of Professor Schweigart. He worked with digestion factors which are much too high (means too high losses of amino acids). The way in which amino-acid analyzings are done is also subject to critics. To dissociate the amino-acids of a protein, it is cooked several hours in hydrochloric acid. In this way, some amino-acids are destroyed. What remains is analyzed. This is the contrary of exact scientific work.

There is a method of taking away one amino-acid after the next from a protein. Considering the number of amino-acids contained in a protein, that means several months to analyze one protein. Certainly the result would be the conclusion, that vegetable proteins have a higher value than animal proteins. But if a scientist finds something which shouldn't be found, he would lose his job.

Another formulation: For plant eaters (herbivores, frugivores), the protein requirement isn't the same than for meat eaters (carnivores). For a tiger, the meat protein has a high value; for man, the vegetable protein has a high value. One exception are oats (see above the lion, fed only with oats).

In biology, computations have only theoretical value; decisive is the nutritional experiment. This has been done by the author, Frédéric Stahl. Since 1959, he eats only raw vegetables, and without coffee, alcohol, tobacco, Coca-Cola and other unhealthy stuff, naturally. By that, he has a much better physical and mental constitution than others in the same age of 80 years."

This complete proof has an enormous importance for the nutrition of the fast growing World population, which 100 years ago had reached 1 billion, and now is reaching already 7 billion living people - and therefore also of immense importance for maintaining peace in the World. For this scientific contribution to Global Peace, Frédéric Stahl should be awarded wit the Nobel-Prize of Peace.

Myself, I was appointed in 1966 by Prof. Dr. H. A. Schweigart to the Scientific Board of the International Association for Vital Substances and Civilization diseases, because of my works to prevent tooth decay by nutritional measures.

The governments of the World gave no credit to these experienced scientists. On the contrary, they allowed themselves to become corrupted by the lobbies. Therefore e.g. in Germany, starting 1968-1971 massively, the chronic civilization morbidity and mortality increased more and more. At the same time, the population became brainwashed with slogans like "meat is a piece of life power", suggesting meat and other animal foodstuff to be indispensable for the protein supply - while in truth the so caused "protein fattening" (documented by Prof. Dr. Lothar Wendt) has become a main cause of just these chronic deadly civilization diseases.

Also, with regard to the nutrition of the fast growing World population, these lobbies propagate animal protein as being indispensable - by that causing mass animal breeding and contamination of the ground water with animal excrements, overfishing of the Oceans, and hunger and death of many millions of people every year again, many of them children.

Because of this threatening development, in 1976 I asked Frédéric Stahl, to write down for a book his knowledge about protein and the possibilities of full protein supply based on plants. This book I published in 1977 in my former edition with the title "Die Erde hat Eiweiß für alle" (the earth has protein for all).

For 3 decades, I didn't have any contact with Frédéric Stahl. However, during these years, the global problems with civilization diseases, pollution of the environment, world nutrition and the decimation of fish in the Oceans became dramatic. Therefore, I searched for a new contact.

We met three of us - I had recommended to Dr. Kurt Gruber to participate in the meeting - on December 6, 2006 in the Alsace, finding a healthy, wide-awake and mentally very active, 80 years old Frédéric Stahl, with a phenomenal memory and a considerable physical fitness. We had a discussion of several hours. Before and after the meeting an exchange of letters developed, the content of which is partially documented here.

Without any doubt, the complex "world nutrition and climate" will continue to make us busy, because humanity and its conditions of existence are shifting towards critical situations and catastrophes, which can only be avoided by understanding the correlations, by unconventional approach, new course, and worldwide intelligent actions.

Some further remarks to the content of this document:

More about pork: Dr. Hans Heinrich Reckeweg, Founder of the Homotoxicology and Antihomotoxic Therapy, warned intensively against pork. He has written a treaty "Schweinefleisch und Gesundheit" (pork meat and health), published by Aurelia Verlag, Baden-Baden. Dr. Reckeweg is also the founder of "Biologische Heilmittel HEEL" and has developed the homeopathic remedies produced by HEEL. On one of the congresses of his association "Homotoxingesellschaft", Professor H. A. Schweigart reported about his experiences. He told, that among the German soldiers of the Africacorps under the legendary General Rommel ("the desert fox") a foot disease had developed, the symptoms of which were very similar to an infectious foot disease of pigs ("Schweinerotlauf", Erysipeloid). First, several treatments were tried, without success. Then Prof. Schweigart decided, to cancel every pork meat in the nutrition of these military units. After that, the foot disease disappeared completely. Prof. Schweigart assumed that especially in a hot climate the pork meat develops its negative effects, and therefore populations living in such climate zones avoid pork meat because of such experience.

Dr. H. H. Reckeweg added, that each pig living for 6 years dies from cancer, if not slaughtered before. He also observed, that parts of the pig, when eaten, assemble again in the human body at the corresponding areas. Those who like to eat the head of the pig, often get a very fat neck, whilst those who are fans of streaky bacon get a fat paunch. Dr. Reckeweg explained this by the considerable physiological similarity between pig and man; the tissues of pigs being only less strong than the tissues of man, therefore people, who eat pork, often suffer from ruptures of sinews, ligaments and muscles, and from prolapsed intervertebral disc.

Prof. Dr. K. H. M. Gottschewski, Immunologist (he had his own Gottschewski-Team at the Max Planck Institute of Immune Biology at Freiburg/Br., Germany) pointed out, that people, who's mother was eating pork during her pregnancy, immunologically have to be classified nearer to pig than to man.

Nutrition in prisons: I remember a report about a prison in California, where a plant based nutrition, as recommended in this document, was applied. The experiences were very positive: Much less aggressions happened, and after the prisoners had been  released, the cases of recidivism were much lower than in the average of the country.

That a whole plant-based nutrition causes a kind and even-tempered behavior, has been proven as well in animal experiments (Dr. Jiri Bernasek) as in many families ("The Schnitzer-Report"). This knowledge should also be considered concerning relief programs in conflict areas.

World nutrition: Within a study which I carried out in 1992 in Addis Ababa for the "Plant Genetic Resources Centre of Ethiopia", I calculated, based on the arable land of Ethiopia, that - using a whole plant-based nutrition - Ethiopia would be able to feed and maintain the health of 560 million people! At that time, the Ethiopian population had just 10 % (56 Million people) of that, and not all of them always had sufficient food to eat. The desert in the Sahel Zone expands especially because cows, sheep and goats eat the last grasses, and because people cut the last trees for firewood to cook the food (one cause of protein deficiency), which eaten raw would be much more valuable.

A practicable way of nutrition, based on the findings explained in this document, I had already developed and published in the 1960-ties. In 1975, I specified it in two applications: One as a completely raw and exclusively plant-based nutrition, which I named "Intensive Nutrition" because of its intensive health effects; and another one, which contains this Intensive Nutrition, but allows in addition some traditional garnishings, which healthy people can tolerate, so long as they don't need to be in their highest possibilities of performance; this one I called "Schnitzer Normal Nutrition", because it is still different from what people understand as a "normal nutrition".

Since 1975 and up to now, this healthy nutrition is available, described in German, English, French and Finnish in books:

"Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition, Schnitzer Normal Nutrition"
"Schnitzer-Intensivkost, Schnitzer-Normalkost"
"Régime alimentaire Schnitzer intensif, Schnitzer normal"
"Schnitzer-tehoruoka, Schnitzer-normaaliruoka"

The intensive health effects of this natural, man-appropriate nutrition has been confirmed and documented in thousands of personal reports (Der Schnitzer-Report), in a Hypertension Study (Bluthochdruck-Studie) and a Leprosy-Study (Lepra-Studie). A diabetes study (Diabetes-Studie) too has been started in 2007.

The World nutrition problem - to feed and keep healthy a fastly growing population of already 7 billion people - can't be solved anymore by further increasing of the meat production and further overfishing of the already shrinking fish population. Not only because of the damages to the environment, but also because of the increasing diseases, whose treatments already make excessive demands of the social systems.

If you raise your view above the border of your dining plate and recognize your personal responsibility for our world, you will cut out meat and fish from your feeding habits, and shift to this natural and man-appropriate, plant-based nutrition. With that decision, you also do a favor to your own health. Not only because you protect yourself from civilization ailments. But also. because your brain will be better provided with about 40 % more glutamic acid, which allows a much better function of your brain. Already in former times, many great philosophers and scientists knew this secret.

Friedrichshafen, February 2007

Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer

P.S. Many thanks to Mr. David B. McCollum, who checked and corrected our English!


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