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To prevent and cure chronic diseases,
knowledge of their real causes is
needed and of what restores health

Diabetes Causes & Cure

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases

Te after.effects of Diabetes are serious, often fatal

How I discovered the possibility of curing Diabetes

Why most doctors do not tell their patients about it

eBook on self-help helps those affected and to prevent

To overcome age of chronic diseases


Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases

Diabetes has become a widespread chronic disease. Everyone knows someone who has it Diabetes limits the personal freedom dramatically. Who has it, must live upon a strict medication and food plan. Not only for weeks - but for life. The conventional treatment doesn't cure diabetes and shortens Life considerably. Because triggers several serious consequences 

For more see the Global Report on Diabetes of the WHO World Healt Organization.

The after-effects of Diabetes are serious, often fatal

Those later consequences of Type II and of Type I are e.g.:

  • Insufficient blood circulation in the legs, causing gangrene whikch often forces to leg amputations. Whenever you see someone in a wheelchair, mostly this was the cause.
  • Insufficient blood circulation in the eye's backgrouind (retina); so the body tries to grow new blood capillaries. These are fragile, sometimes bleeding. This blood coagulates in the eye's background, causing blindness. In most cases of blindness diabetes caused it.
  • Insufficient blood circulation in the kidneys and insufficient permeability of the kidney's filter membranes, This causes renal failure which is fatal if there is no access 2-3 times per week to Dialysis.
  • Internal bleeding due to esophagal varices (dangerous, difficult to remark, difficult to stop it.
  • Fatty liver with a reduced detoxification capacity.

These are good reasons to be aware of the causes of diabetes and, if you already have it, to protect yourself from these consequences and to cure the basic disease by eliminating their causes and restoring the natural foundations of health.

How I discovered the possibility of curing Diabetes

By profession, I am a dentist. I have practiced for more than 4 decades and developed dental treatment methods on for a permanent restoration of the dentition damaged by dental caries and parodontosis (see Zahnprobleme und ihre Überwindung). 

Searching for the causes of the decay of dentition, I developed a natural, man-appropriate nutrition. It came out that this not only protects the human dentition, but also heals various chronic civilization diseases.

When I was asked for advice in a desperate case of diabetes - the leg was to be amputated urgently for lack of blood circulation and gangrene - I recommended this natural man-appropriate nutrition. It turned out that this nutrition normalized the blood flow and brought the gangrene to heal up. But not only that - after a few months the diabetes itself had also disappeared.

Afterwards, this discovery was applied by several doctors to their diabetes patients - with the same good experiences. Several cases are documented in this eBook.

Why most doctors do not tell their patients about it

Doctors treat diseases. They live on it. People need themselves to take care of their health. They live upon it.

Doctors are economically independent. Their studies were expensive, The equipment and house rent of the practice is expensive. Assistants and nurses are expensive. The economical basis of the doctor's practice are the sick, preferably chronically ill patients. No doctor's office or hospital could live on healthy people. From an economic point of view, it is not particularly interesting to make the patients healthy. The ongoing treatment of chronically ill people is the better economic basis for doctors' practices.

The German poet Eugen Roth (1895-1976) summarized the situation in a poem (translated): 'What takes the doctor's bread away? A) health, b) death. So the doctor, that HE may live, keeps us in the balance between them.'

That's why you need to take care of your own health. This book will help you.

This eBook (CD) on self-help helps those affected and who want to prevent Diabetes




Can Diabetes be Cured? 7
How diseases develop 26
What is Health? 45
Preconditions of Natural Health 51
The Blood Sugar Regulation System 65
Overstrain of the Blood Sugar System 72
Causes of Juvenile Diabetes (Type I) 77
Causes of Diabetes of Adults (Type II) 86
Causes of the 'Later Consequences' of both Types 94
Chances of Success in Cases ofType II. I and later Consequences 108
Therapeutic Measures to Cure Diabetes 115
How to put this Natural Therapy into Effect as a Diabetic 128
Experiences with the New Diabetes Curing Therapy (2 serious cases of gangrene cured) 135
Dr. Helmut Wurche: Report about the successful treatment of a heavy diabetic gangrene with Intensive Nutrition 141
Physician's own diabetes case report 142

Dr. Helmut Weiss: Practical experiences with the new diabetes therapy under special observation of chronic alterations of the gastro-intestinal tract

Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer: A case of very serious diabetes tyüe I, treated and cured with 2 handwritten pages of information 150
Karl Ettwein made it possible by a courageous decision to discover this therapy, curing diabetes and its later consequences 156
Recipes: Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition, Cereal soup diet ... 166
Cerea-Soup-Diet for the beginning 172
Cereal muesli variations for breakfast 176
Lunch and Dinner 178
Natural Nutrition - example for one day 181
The Author - Short Curriculum Vitae 188

To order a personallzed copy on CD for yourself or for someone else as a present
please click on one of the two pictures or Here 

To overcome age of chronic diseases

We must finally begin to overcome this age of chronic diseases. The next stage of development must be a civilization without civilization ailments.The knowledge which is needed is available. We only have to study it and to apply it.

With my best regards and wishes
for your and your family's health
sincerely yours

Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer

P.S. Diabetes and its later consequences are preventable and curable, see
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P.P.S. Please forward this message to your friends and contacts around the World. WHO says 2016: 422 Million people on the globe suffer from Diabetes. Only if anyone who reads this information also forwards it to everybody he knows, this chronic and often fatal suffering can be defeated. What are YOU going to do NOW as a first step? 


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