Diabetes Causes & Cure, book how to cure diabetes type I and II including their later consequences

Millions of leg amputations on diabetic patients are enough! Such a huge number of amputations have been carried out during the last decades. Most of them unnecessarily, as the author of this book is convinced. Because already in 1977 - when asked for advice in a dramatic case - he found a way to save the leg of a diabetic patient that urgently should have been amputated because of diabetic gangrene. After that, surprisingly, the Diabetes itself healed up. Dr. Schnitzer discovered the main cause of incurability of Diabetes.

Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer

Diabetes Causes & Cure
including Cure of Later Diabetes Consequences

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to protect yourself from Diabetes not to get it,
to cure yourself if you have got it, and
to protect yourself from serious later consequences.

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It's the common diabetic diet itself!

Its high content of protein  makes the disease incurable, and the protein oversupply causes the so called "later consequences" or "later sequelae" of both types of Diabetes (type I and II): Gangrene, hypertension, nerve degeneration, loss of sensation, impotency, loss of eyesight, liver degeneration, inner bleed to death because of varicosis of the esophagus, and renal atrophy. Therefore, this whole complex of nightmares becomes prevented, and in most cases also cured, by the "civilized origin nutrition" described in this book.

Why, till now, this knowledge isn't used regularly to help and cure the diabetic patients?

Isn't it a failure to render aid, or even a refusal of aid, when diabetics aren't informed by their physician about this natural, highly effective preventing and curing therapy, that could cure their Diabetes and their "later consequences" they are suffering from?

     It can't be an insufficient publication of this curing therapy. Because already in 1981, on the "Medical Week of Baden-Baden", several cured former diabetics, within them children who had Diabetes type I before, were introduced to the audience (physicians). The audience could interview the patients and the treating physician in all details.
     The first edition of this book was published already in 1980. It reached 10 unchanged German editions, with a total of 73,000 sold copies, until it went out of print in spring 2000.  Where did they go, these 73,000 copies?

     Sure, estimated at least 10 % of the readers must have been (= 7,300) physicians, rather more. These physicians, having read the book, and being trained in scientific thinking and medical ethics - shouldn't they have been eager to try and recommend this completely natural, biological method to their patients, and eager to support them when reconquering their natural health?

     Was it the medical doctrine, maintained by so called "medical popes", saying Diabetes to be incurable, why they even didn't try it? Or was it the fear, to have it one's own way, in this field of Diabetes, that is especially strictly ruled by doctrines, "medical schools" and economic interests?

Or sorrows, to be branded as an "outsider", when starting to cure the diabetic patients, instead of submissively only treating them and again and again correct (elevate) the dosage of tablets or  Insulin?

     It's true, this orthodox "treatment" at last gets out of control, but in case of legal consequences, the physician is protected by the "opinion of a medical expert", who is named to the court by the "ruling school".

Take your health and fate into your own hands

The time has come for diabetics and their family members to act, to acquire the appropriate knowledge and to develop an own, independent opinion - and to take their health and fate into their own hands. Therefore it's very useful to read this book and to read additionally every page on this  site that is available in English, especially this: 

Medicus, quo vadis? Physician, whither thou goest?
The beginning of the 3rd millenium is an opportunity for the critical examination of the past and present course of the "modern medicine". Why is it in crisis, and what should be its new goals? Main fields of this crisis are pointed out - ethics and morals, tremendous costs exacted by the medicine, and their reliability. Why aren't physicians healthier than the population, for example?  For more, please click here!

In fact, the truth about the curability of Diabetes and its later consequences touches considerable economic interests. In Germany alone, the turnover with pills, injections and other materials for diabetics exceeds 50 million US$ - not per year, not per month, but per day!

     Who acquires the knowledge transferred by this book, too will be better able to find a physician who not only wants to treat for lifetime, but to cure his patients for good.
     Why is a physician needed? Mainly, to correct (lower) the dosage of the Sulfonyl urea tablets or the Insulin, according to the lowering blood sugar level when starting the new healthy nutrition. Many diabetics have learned to do this by their own.

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Dr. Helmut Weiss (1917-1987) was the first physician who applied this Diabetes curing treatment systematically as a standard therapy in his patients with both types of Diabetes (I and II), and their "later consequences". On the "Medical Week of Baden-Baden", a yearly medical congress, he reported about the results he reached during the first few months in 119 diabetic patients. Also he published it in the medical journal "Erfahrungsheilkunde". The following table gives an impressive overview: 







Diabetes II






Later Consequences






Diabetes I






Later Consequences






("Erfahrungsheilkunde" 13/1981, S. 1085-1087, Haug Edition, Heidelberg, Germany)

Several of these cases are described in details in this ebook "Diabetes Causes & Cure".

Who suffers from Diabetes or who knows diabetics  ...
Who suffers from Diabetes, or who has diabetic family members or friends, shouldn't miss to read this revelation about the real causes, the chances of cure, and the secure prevention of Diabetes and its later consequences.

This ebook teaches even more than how to cure Diabetes. It explains the natural basics of health, the prevention and the cure of chronic conditions in general - with the diabetic disease as an example. Read the numerous case reports of the few physicians who applied this knowledge to cure their patients! 

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Common treatment versus biological cure of the diabetic diseases and their later consequences

The common  symptomatic substitution treatment of Diabetes is based on the (wrong) presumption, that Diabetes would be incurable. Therefore, the treatment is limited to whipping on the B-cells to produce Insulin by a growing dosage of Sulfonyl urea, until the B-cells become exhausted. After that, the Insulin substitution follows, also needing from time to time an elevation of the dosages, until at last the matter gets out of control. In cases of Diabetes type I, immediately Insulin is injected. At the same time, carbohydrates are reduced in the nutrition, because the diabetic patient has only a reduced ability to process them.

This biological method, however, aims at a cure of the disease by removing the true causes of the insufficient Insulin efficacy, and by re-establishing the natural basics of health, mainly by a man-appropriate natural nutrition. This normalizes the metabolic processes, and re-enables the patient to metabolize carbohydrates without the former limitations.

Table of contents of this English Diabetes Cure eBook:

Contents Page
Can Diabetes be Cured?
Diagnosis "diabetic" up to now = "lifelong" 8
Patients are lulled into a false sense of security 8
Diabetes: Numerous risks for life and limb 9
Disease as a "chance" - for economic growth? 10
Spare aggregates instead of cure? 10
Was discovery of healing possibility unwanted? 11
Censorship in medical periodicals blocks healing 12
"Targeted misinformation" to obstruct a therapy 13
Preserve diabetics as customers? 13
History of medicine with blots 14
Experience curing efficacy yourself 15
Efficacy of the new therapy (tangible results)  16
How the new curing therapy was discovered 17
Still we are programmed for our origin nutrition 18
Dramatic case led to discovery: Diabetes is curable! 19
Starting point for a systematical development 20
Remarks, 20 years later 20
Refusal to aid? 22
How diseases develop


Homotoxins as causes of diseases 27
Table of Homotoxicoses 28
Biological courses of diseases 30
Chronic diseases by unbiological interventions 31
Focal diseases hinder therapeutical success 33
Diseases by lack of health basics 34
Lack of Health Preconditions cause Diseases 35
Environment's strongest impact: Nutrition 36
Main cause of chronic mass diseases:
Hitherto spread (wrong) nutrition dogma!
The effects of refined carbohydrates 39
The protein-error and its consequences 40
Heat-processed food noxious to health 43
What is Health 45
What is health?


Where diseases cease, health is just beginning 47
Best strategy against diseases: High degree of health 50

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Preconditions of Natural Health 51
The three keystones of natural health 52
Why one-sided analytic nutrition research must fail 52
Exploring the origin nutrition of man 54
Man - a fruit eater (frugivore)! 55
Protein supply healthier without animal protein 58
Civilized Origin Nutrition = Intensive Nutrition 60
Large spectrum of efficacy of the "Intensive Nutrition" 62
The Blood Sugar Regulation System 63
Blood sugar level = "voltage" of the body 66
Resources of energy in the food 67
Consumers of energy in the body 67
Buffer store between supply and consumption 68
Endocrine glands as "voltage regulators" 69
Overstrain of Blood Sugar Regulation System 72
Unwholesome refined carbohydrates


Causes of Juvenile Diabetes (Type I) 77
Does a hereditary predisposition exist? 78
Juvenile Diabetes - a degeneration phase 79
Cause of juvenile Diabetes: Medical treatments! 80
Focal diseases stand in the way of curing ... 84
Causes of Diabetes of Adults (Type II) 86
Does a family disposition exist? 87
Synergetic mechanism causes Diabetes type II 89
Which are the effects of Sulfonyl urea pills? 90
Unbiological retoxic effects in case of an infection 91
Diabetes released by virus? 92
Diabetes Type I and Type II often misdiagnosed 93
Causes of the "Later Consequences" of Diabetes I and II 94
Production of Insulin- and B-cell- antibodies 95
Main cause: The common diabetic diet! 96
When haze in the eyes forbodes loss of
eyesight - eyeground bleedings
High blood pressure, heart attack and embolism 97
Loss of legs by diabetic gangrene 99
Renal dysfunction and insufficiency 101
Hepatic cirrhosis and fatty liver 102
Degeneration of nerves, pain condition, loss of sensation


Fading and loss of sexual potency 105
Destruction of the chewing organ 106
Degeneration of the bony tissues 106
"Incurability", subsequent diseases - caused by the diabetic diet? 107

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Chances of Success in Cases of Type I, II, and their Consequences 108
Goals and chances of success of measures 109
New, not yet treated Diabetes of adults (type II) 110
Diabetes type II, under sulfonyl urea treatment 110
"Juvenile Diabetes" (Diabetes type I) 110
Bleedings in the eyeground 111
Hypertension (high blood pressure) 111
Kidney failure 111
Malfunction of the liver 112
Diabetic gangrene 112
The risk of heart attack 112
Degeneration of nerves, pains, loss of sensation 113
The male potency 113
Decay of dentition 113


The reasons for the good chances of success 114
Therapeutic Measures to Cure Diabetes 115
Basic therapy with "Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition" 116
Why it makes calculation of bread units obsolete 117
Nutrition after success has stabilized 118
If digestibility problems appear: Cereal soup diet


Sanitation treatment of chronic intestinal diseases


To overcome a chronic pancreatitis 119
Hematogenic oxidation therapy (HOT) 120
Homeopathy and antihomotoxic therapy 120
The cellular therapy of Dr. Paul Niehans 121
Therapy with human stem cells 123
Sanitation treatment of the dentition 124
How to avoid the impact of poisons 125
Sufficient physical activities 126
Reduction of blood sugar lowering medication 127
How to put this Natural Therapy into Effect as a Diabetic 128
Preparing the change of nutrition 129
Agreement and coordination with your physician 130
If you are already in the hospital 132
The day of takeoff


If soon you will feel so well that you become reckless 133
"Copy it - but copy it precisely!" 134

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Experiences with the New Diabetes Curing Therapy 135
Report about a medical seminar in November 1979 136
Two serious cases of Diabetes with gangrene 138
Successful treatment of a heavy diabetic gangrene 141
Physician's own Diabetes case report 142
Experiences with the new therapy under observation of chronic alterations of the gastro-intestinal tract 143
A serious Type I, cured with two pages of information 150
Karl Ettwein made the discovery possible by a courageous decision 156
"This is how I overcame my diabetic disease!" 156
Recipes: Intensive Nutrition, Cereal soup diet ... 166
Kitchen utensils needed 167
What should be in stock 168
To buy fresh 169
Hints concerning healthy food preparations 170
How to handle the following recipes


Cereal-Soup-Diet for the beginning 172
Cereal soup, completely boiled


Cereal soup with an unheated, raw part


Cereal soup with a raw part of cereals, garden lettuce and carrots


Cereal soup with raw part of cereals, chicory, carrots and
germinated seeds


More soups with a raw part of cereals, fresh vegetables and germinated seeds


Cereal muesli variations for breakfast


Basic mixture of the cereal muesli 176
Further preparation of the cereal muesli in variations 177
Lunch and dinner 178
Composition of lunch and dinner


Gazpacho - Spanish "salad-soup" 180
Natural nutrition - example for one day 181
The breakfast 181
Lunch 183
Dinner 185
Important: Sufficient Water Supply 187
The author Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer 188

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Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer  
Diabetes Causes & Cure

including Cure of Later Diabetes Consequences

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