How your blood pressure normalizes within few weeks

von Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer

In fact, your high blood pressure can be normalized within a few weeks - in a natural way, without pills, and for good. By that, you free yourself too from the hitherto - despite pills - high cardiovascular risk. Here you receive your practical time and measures schedule.

Dear Reader,

holding the book "Hypertension Causes & Cure" in your hands, you own the key to normalize your blood pressure without pills. (On the Internet you can find it by the URL https://www.dr-schnitzer.de/bhd001.htm). Now it depends only on you, to make the right practical use of it.

Hypertension is the main risk factor for the cardiovascular diseases: Heart attack, stroke, embolism. Every other citizen (50 % of the population) of a First World country dies from one of them.

If your blood pressure is already elevated and only can be lowered by pills, your personal risk factor is even much higher: It's at about 95 %!

To escape from this "dead certain" cardiovascular risk, the statistics offer only not very encouraging alternatives to pass away: E.g. by (related to the total population) cancer (every 4th, 25 %); various (every 18th - anemia, meningitis, bowel infection, influenza, violence etc.); liver cirrhosis (every 43rd); accidents (every 44th); chronic bronchitis (every 52nd); suicide (every 54th); car accident (every 57th); and the only natural, acceptable one: to die of old-age (every 110th only!).

Do you own a driver's license? In this case, I'm sure you know well how important the correct tire pressure is for your safety, for your freedom from bodily harm, for your life; therefore you check your tire pressure every time taking fuel, or at least every two weeks, and correct it if necessary.

But did you know that your correct blood pressure - between 115/75 and 130/85 measured after rest - is 30 times more important for your safety, freedom from harm and life, and high blood pressure 30 times more dangerous for you, than a wrong tire pressure? Were you conscious of that? How often do you check your blood pressure? If found to be elevated, what did you do to normalize it? (Pills don't count, because not lowering the risk of sudden fatal cardiovascular events).

This book offers you the access to normalize your blood pressure in the natural way. This is possible, because it informs you about the true causes forcing your body to elevate the blood pressure, enabling you to remove them. Also the book teaches you the natural preconditions of health.

Not only, that you don't need anymore pills - too you leave the cardiovascular risk zone for good.

And that's not yet all. Everything gets optimized, that depends on an optimal function of the cardiovascular system: Your mental and physical performance, the oxygen and energy supply of all tissues and organs including your brain, the readiness for defense of your immune system against poisons, allergens, bacteria and virus infections.

Therefore, optimizing your cardiovascular system means optimizing your total health, and optimal protection against every and all chronic and acute civilization diseases and infections. It's worth your effort multiple times, to use this book as an access to such an essential knowledge.

However: Doing it only half, doesn't help much. "Wash my fur, but don't make me wet!" doesn't work. Rather valid is, what the discoverer of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, said to his students (physicians): "Copy it - but copy it precisely!"

Therefore I give you below a proceeding, that helps you to recapture your natural health completely, and as fast as possible. Your chances of a complete success are the bigger, the more complete your compliance is.

With my best wishes for your health and a long and healthy life,

Sincerely yours

Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer


Time and measure schedule
to normalize your blood pressure

Preparatory measures (take about 2-4 weeks beginning today)

  1. Daily write down your blood pressure, measured under the same conditions (after rest) at the same time of the day. Write down medications and dosages (how many pills) of daily intake. Print out your questionnaire for documentation of your starting point and recovery: https://www.dr-schnitzer.de/inquiry2e.html.

  2. Read the book "Hypertension Causes & Cure" completely and carefully, the best read it twice. At the same time you organize the additional kitchen equipment and ingredients you don't have yet to practise the recipes, e.g. a household cereal grinder (best: with milling stones from Naxos basalt and magnesite); equipment to germinate grains and seeds; a rasp made from stainless steel; and germinable (= able to germinate; alive) grains and seeds: Naked oats grains (true ones, not normal oats with removed straw cover); wheat grains, spelt grains, chickpeas, lentils, green mungbeans (s. health food stores).

  3. Ask your physician - in case he/she didn't propose you this therapy from the very beginning - if knowing this therapy. If not yet, propose to acquire my books available in English, to read them, and to treat you accordingly. The order page: https://www.dr-schnitzer.de/besteug1.htm. If not interested, search for another physician, having additionally studied homeopathy and natural medicine. Ask the same - and only stop searching when you have found an interested and cooperative one. Make a weekly appointment, starting from the day of your beginning with this therapy, for checking your blood pressure and haematocrit before starting with measures, and eventually for a first of the series of some small blood lettings to accelerate the efficacy of the measures.

Realization (6-10 weeks)

First week:

Only after the starting situation had been documented, but immediately after it, you start with the new nutrition. The first 1-3 days you take exclusively the "Cereal-soup-diet". Then you change to the "Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition". Daily you measure your blood pressure; as it lowers, you (resp. your physician) reduce your medication, according to your health progress.

The next 5-9 weeks:

Once per week, always the same weekday and hour, you or your physician measure your blood pressure; and, if still necessary, 80-100 ml blood are taken. Every other week the haematocrit is checked (if reduction to 41 % is reached, end of blood lettings). Cease of any medication as agreed with the physician. Continuing with "Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition".

Stabilization of the normalized blood pressure (another 6-10 weeks):

As soon as the blood pressure has become normal without medication, the phase of stabilization starts. This takes about the same time, as it has taken before to normalize the blood pressure, that means another 6-10 weeks. Now whole meal bread, made from germinable, freshly ground cereal grains, but still without spread, can be added to the "Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition". Now please fill out your questionnaire (https://www.dr-schnitzer.de/inquiry2e.html), and send it. It's encouraging to others, seeing your success, to go the same promising way. Your privacy remains completely protected (details see questionnaire).

Further conduct:

Change to "Schnitzer Normal Nutrition", but for good avoid any animal foodstuff, including milk and milk products, and avoid refined carbohydrates (sugars, refined flours and refined starch). Once per week check your blood pressure. If necessary, practize again 1 week of Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition". Light endurance sports 2-3 times a week.

If necessary, repeat this therapy plan as described.

Hint No. 1: If the diastolic blood pressure (normal = 75-85 mm/Hg) too is elevated, not only the flow resistance is higher (because of narrowed capillaries and higher blood viscosity): Additionally the whole cardiovascular system is standing under higher pressure because of an increased total blood volume (this too is caused by the denatured, not man-appropriate civilization nutrition). In such cases small blood lettings can do true miracles!

Hint No. 2: If you don't find any doctor who is willing to support you, don't worry. Most of your former fellow-sufferers could cure their hypertension without any support of a physician, as you can read in their reports to the "Hypertension Study". You are surprised why doctors aren't much interested in a hypertension curing therapy? You should come to realize: Doctors don't live upon healthy people or upon cured patients. They live upon ill patients, mainly chronically ill patients, and they are fast in declaring a profitable chronic disease to be "incurable". About 50 % of their patients are chronic hypertension patients, contributing about 50 % to their total earnings! To learn more about this present situation, please read: "Medicus, quo vadis? Physician, whither thou goest?".

P.S. For a conveniant printout on your own printer, to share this information with patients, friends, and colleagues, an extract of this text is available as a ".pdf" file, together with the book titles containing essential information and where to get them:


It's a two pages document (after printing, you could fold it once, getting so four pages). After your Acrobat Reader has opened it (the lines show up vertical), you proceed as follows:

  1. Bring the first page (having 2 columns) on your screen.

  2. Click on file > print > actual page, fill in e.g. "10 copies" and print.

  3. Then put these copies again into your printer, in a position that allows you to print on the still unprinted page. If it's your first time doing this, you should try it by printing only one copy, because it's different from printer to printer.

  4. Now bring the second page (having again 2 columns) on your screen.

  5. Click on file > print > actual page, fill in e.g. "1 copy" and print. If necessary, change the position of the remaining 9 copies in your printer and try again by click on file > print > actual page, fill in e.g. "1 copy" and print. If it prints now correctly, click again on file > print > actual page, fill in e.g. the remaining "8 copies" and print.

Further hints:

If your printer menu offers the option "automatically turn and center pages", use it; the type area will be centered, and the borders will have equal sizes. Other printers simply offer the same option as "page size"; this too should be used (put a hook there).

Paper color: If printing with colors, white paper is the best. If printing black and white, a light colored paper is more attractive - e.g. a light yellow or light orange.

The page with the book titles can be used to transmit book orders by fax.

Folding options: Folding once, the text outside, the book titles inside. Or folding twice, the text inside; in this case it can be used to order books by airmail, because the address just fits into the window of a small window envelope.

© Copyright 1998-2004 (complete Site) by Dr. J. G. Schnitzer, D-88045 Friedrichshafen, Germany
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