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Dr. Johann Georg
Causes & Cure
Life Threatening Risk Factor 1
Now Curable!
Copyright 1986-2000 by
Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer
D-88045 Friedrichshafen, Germany
128 pages, practical guidance, reports of cured people;
  28.- per copy + postage  Booklist & Order Page
Hypertension - Now Curable! Hypertension is the risk factor No.1 for the main cause of death: The cardiovascular diseases. Every other person in USA, Canada, Europe and other countries dies of one of them: Heart attack, stroke, embolism, renal atrophy, and many other ailments. Meaning, it is also your personal risk factor No.1; a good reason to concern oneself with it. Most people think, it should be a task of responsible institutions, to take care of our health and to protect us. But something must be wrong;  about 50% of the population and about 60 % of the physicians die of cardiovascular diseases. This doesn't conjure up much confidence in the usual therapies. The pilots' physicians know it: A hypertonic pilot remains grounded, in spite of usual therapy, because the risks remain the same ones. The usual therapy doesn't cure, because it only treats the symptoms, not the causes.  The principle of this book
is prevention and cure of diseases by health. Where a strong, natural healthy constitution shows up, many diseases and ailments just disappear, like nightmares do when the sun rises. The body has reasons, when elevating blood pressure. If they are eliminated, blood pressure normalizes without pills, and simultaneously you leave the cardiovascular risk zone. - The book is not cheap. It's not the paper and the binding, that makes the price. It's the  knowledge about the fundamental secrets of natural health, that you acquire. To explore these secrets, the author spent more than 4 decades of intensive studies, experiments, and developments. If you compare the book price to your now avoidable diseases costs, and consider your chance of more life expectancy, you should find it the best investment you ever have for your life and health.
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