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How to get normal blood pressure without pills - within only weeks!

Hypertension, curable now - written by Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer (for author's detailed biography click on the image)          by Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer  

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Risk factor No. 1: Hypertension, the silent killer disease

Hypertension is the highest risk factor of civilization. Every other citizen of first world countries (and even 60 % of their physicians, that means something about the efficacy of their prescriptions) die suddenly of one of its later consequences, the fatal cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, and embolism. Certainly 25-30 % of  the population (= every other adult person) are suffering from hypertension; many of them don’t even know about it. Hypertension is a „silent killer disease“. Most people don't reach their natural life expectancy because of hypertension's later sudden fatal consequences.

"Modern medicine" knows the high risk, but doesn't cure hypertension

The "modern medicine" knows about the high risk hypertonic patients are living in, but doesn't cure hypertension. Therefore, only to reduce the high blood pressure, a lifelong treatment with daily intake of pills is said to be the only way. But this treatment doesn’t reduce the high risk of sudden cardiovascular events: No airplane or jet pilot, grounded because of hypertension, would get his pilot's license back, even if „normalizing“ his blood pressure by those pills. Pilot's physicians know well, that these pills don't reduce the risks of hypertension. The pills aren't even very effective: In many of the cases the blood pressure still is high, in spite of increased types of pills and dosages prescribed by the doctors.

Usual symptomatic treatments have disagreeable side effects

On top of this, the usual symptomatic treatments of hypertension have bad, disagreeable side effects. Patients feel weak and ill, flabby and listless, suffer from headaches, lack of drive, indisposition, and many men from impotency. Whenever they stop the pills, they feel better. Why is this?

The organism has good reasons when elevating the blood pressure

The organism has good reasons when elevating the blood pressure - namely narrowed capillary vessels, and higher viscosity of the blood. The system’s only way to maintain a sufficient supply of the tissues and organs - including the brain - with oxygen and energy, in this case is to elevate the blood pressure. That’s why the hypertonic patient doesn’t notice anything and still feels well - until the means of compensation reach its limit and start to fail, or until a physician prescribes pills to artificially force the blood pressure down. Then the supply of tissues and organs with oxygen and energy becomes poorer. The risk level remains the same or even elevates. This explains, why the modern medicine, treating only the symptoms, not the cause, labels hypertension as incurable.

Whoever wants to overcome hypertension ...

Whoever wants to overcome hypertension and to get cured, now can analyze and subsequently eliminate the true causes of narrowed capillary vessels and increased viscosity (thickness) of the blood. It turns out that substances are stored in the walls of the cardiovascular system and in the blood, as protein, and as muco-polysaccharides (a combination of protein and carbohydrates). That's why the capillary vessels become narrowed, why the blood becomes thickened, and why the body's regulation system has to elevate the blood pressure, to maintain sufficiently the supply of the body with oxygen and energy.

Protein surplus narrowing the capillary vessels, thickening the blood

How can such a protein surplus develop in the organism, how do protein and carbohydrates come into the body? By nutrition, naturally. It's not protein or carbohydrates generally - it is only a persisting oversupply with animal protein and refined carbohydrates, causing a surplus and accumulation in the walls of the cardiovascular system as muco-polysaccharides. It also increases the percentage of blood cells in the blood (hematocrit) and causes a higher viscosity of the blood. Obviously, it is the very common feeding habits of the population, causing this oversupply. This is by consuming so much meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, sugar and refined flour from daily foods. Additionally even many people consume supplemental protein concentrates (as bodybuilders do). This is not what the human genetic programming is programmed for, and this programming failed to adapt to such an inappropriate and unnatural food supply. That's why so many people are sick, and why degeneration signs can be seen everywhere in the population (malposition of teeth, malformation and asymmetry of the skeleton, of the body and of the face, and increasingly even malformation and malfunction of the brain). That's also why 50% of the population die of the cardiovascular diseases, long before reaching their natural life expectancy. Last but not least, this gives you a proper estimation about the level of your own personal risk of fatal cardiovascular events!

The genetic food programming of man is frugivorous - and still functional to normalize health

The natural genetic food programming of man is a frugivorous one: Seeds, soft leaves and roots, and fruits were the human origin nutrition. Later, man cultivated the cereals, root vegetables, leafy salads, nuts and fruits from wild sources. This genetic programming still is functional. As soon as hypertonic people return to a „civilized origin nutrition“, the blood pressure starts to drop, until shortly (within only 10-12 weeks) it normalizes without any pills. Then the hypertension is cured. At the same time a strong natural health arises, and a high immunity against infections; vigor increases, the heart and kidney functions and potency normalize, and the brain works better and easier.

Evaluation of Hypertension Study: Hypertension is curable, only not by medication

A scientific study about the efficacy of nutritional measures on hypertension, compared to the efficacy of hypertension medication, too analyzing how the participants of the study were supported by their physicians in curing (not only "treating") their hypertension, gives this statement, summarizing its results:

Hypertension Study Summarizing Statement

  • Hypertension is curable, only not by medication.

  • Moreover, this natural nutrition therapy altogether causes a highly significant increase of quality of life, general health, subjective well-being, physical and mental fitness. Any further diseases, e.g. diabetes, improve or cure at the same time.

  • In contrast to that, the usual hypotensive medication
         (a) causes a considerable - up to serious - impairment of quality of life,
         (b) causes addiction for life to daily intake of medication,
         (c) only in about half of the cases lowers the blood pressure down to the
              hypertension borderline (140/90 mm/Hg according WHO, World Health Organization) or below,
         (d) can't cure hypertension.

  • Most physicians don't know that, or don't want at all to know that. As a result of this study, an extremely insufficient support of the participants by their physicians in the participants' efforts to recover must be stated.

It's a good investment into your own life expectancy and quality of life, to read the complete study, the full title of which is "Evaluation of a Study about the Efficacy of Nutritional Measures to Normalize the Blood Pressure Without Medication - by Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer and Dr. Kurt Gruber".

Book teaches how to reach a normal blood pressure:
Hypertension Causes & Cure, Risk Factor 1 Now Curable!

In detail this cure of hypertension by health is explained in English in my book „Hypertension Causes & Cure, Risk Factor 1 Now Curable!“, and in German in my book „Bluthochdruck heilen“. Also several cases of former hypertonic patients, reported in these books, show how fast it is possible to recover from hypertension and re-conquer one's health - within just weeks! What is the most important effect of such real cure, the risks of cardiovascular events disappear at the same time.

Who would have an economic interest to cure your hypertension?

Probably you will ask yourself: "If this is such an efficacious measure to extinguish such a widespread, dangerous, life threatening risk factor, and to relieve at the same time people from lifelong daily intake of pills with their disagreeable side effects - why isn't it a general standard measure in each single case of hypertension?" A first idea about possible reasons and backgrounds you will get by reflecting on a second question: "Who would have an economic interest to do so?"

From an economic point of view you are much more interesting, if remaining a member of the "hypertension target group", needing periodical checkups, and consuming daily the growing varieties and dosages of costly hypertension pills for the rest of your life , with a solid option to contribute as well to the growth of the "impotency target group" by joining it, and so become a welcome consumer of  those very expensive potency pills in addition.

E.g. in Germany, with a population of 80 millions, the daily (!!!) turnover with hypertension pills is estimated 50 -75 millions of EUR (about US$ 60,000,000.- up to US$ 90,000,000.-). More information about such questions, about the true causes of diseases and degeneration, and about the natural preconditions of a strong reliable health, are given in my „Dr. Schnitzer’s Health Secrets“. If, after having read its information, you have any questions remaining, you could read my English books about the topic.

If you suffer from high blood pressure yourself, or if you have friends and colleagues suffering from hypertension and its consequences - don't hesitate to act now, before it's too late because of a sudden fatal cardiovascular event, like heart attack, stroke or embolism. Inform yourself and inform your friends and colleagues! All know-how needed to overcome hypertension, to get normal blood pressure without pills within only weeks, is supplied by this book:


New book: Hypertension - Life Threatening Risk Factor 1 Now Curable!

The book to cure yourself from hypertension:
Hypertension Causes & Cure - Life Threatening Risk Factor 1 Now Curable!
(Click on the book or here: Order page. Click on this headline or here: Book review.)
High blood pressure is the silent main killer of civilization. Every other person in a developed country dies suddenly of one of its consequences: Heart attack, stroke, embolism. This book informs you about the true causes of hypertension. It teaches you how to quickly escape the risk zone of fatal cardiovascular events, how to get free from those pills with their disagreeable side effects, and how to normalize your blood pressure within 10-12 weeks for good in a very natural way (see the typical case histories in the book). Read it and cure your hypertension now!

If you wish additional support, how to prepare your natural nutrition meals appetizing and beautifully each day, you get it by this book:

The classic book of man-appropriate natural nutrition: Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition - Schnitzer Normal Nutrition

Hippocrates (460-337 B.C.): "Let your food be your remedy!"
The classic book of man-appropriate natural nutrition:
Schnitzer Intensive Nutrition - Schnitzer Normal Nutrition
(Click on the book or here: Order page. Click on this headline or here: Book review.)
Before writing this book, the author stated: "It's a fact, that feeding habits of civilization cause most chronic ailments of civilization. The genetic programming of the human metabolism couldn't adapt to this unnatural, denaturated food. So, the old genetic programming for man's origin nutrition must be functional". This origin nutrition he searched for, found, developed from it a man-appropriate "civilized origin nutrition", and described it in this book with recipes and pictures. Subsequently hundreds of thousands of people are able to recover from chronic diseases and re-conquer their health with it (13 editions, 144,000 copies sold). Realize your own health opportunities now also!
P.S. This book is available in English, French, Finnish and German languages (see too order page)

If overweight is an additional problem, you find help in this booklet:

New booklet: Natural Cure of Obesity by Health

The booklet to normalize your weight in the natural way:
Natural Cure of Obesity by Health

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It contains all the information you need to normalize your body weight by restoring your complete health. It explains why the common recommendations don't work. You learn, by which natural food your appetite is satisfied before the calories become more than needed, because of balanced food contents of everything  the body needs. So your weight normalizes for good without going hungry. Even healthy baby food is described, to protect your children from later becoming obese. Read it and start your normal weight now!


Don't expect any help from groups who would lose their income, in case you and your friends would lose your hypertension and win back your health. Help yourself, and help your friends. It's easier than you could imagine. Read these books, and read more on the web about the "Hypertension Crusade".

Friedrichshafen, Germany, 2004 (updated in 2006) - Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer 

P.S. Special permission is given for this document to print it out unchanged in any number of copies, to help and save others with this information, who are also in the risk zone of sudden fatal cardiovascular events.

© Copyright 1998-2006 (complete Site) by Dr. J. G. Schnitzer, D-88045 Friedrichshafen, Germany
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